Online Product Configurators

Online Product Configurators

Does your business sell products online that can be arranged and configured in different combinations? If so then your website should be utilizing Online Product Configurators or you could really be missing out!

Now you might be asking yourself, what the heck is an online configurator? Don’t worry; we will explain what they are and why they are so necessary to certain businesses in today’s world.

Product Configurator Basics

A product configurator is an application that can combine products together to allow customers to visualize what they will look like when combined together. There are ideal for any business that sells multiple products in conjunction, such as bathroom vanity collections, or items with modification or customizable options, such as new cars.

The application itself is customized to the product or products being sold and could be the difference between you converting a visitor to a client or losing them to another seller who is able to show them their products’ capabilities. Imagine showcasing your line of kitchen cabinets in a model kitchen and adding different colors, styles, countertops, etc so a buyer can see exactly what they would be getting.

Lounge Lizard creates custom built product configurators and part number builders to showcase clients’ highly configurable or customizable products so customers can see how they will fit their needs. With our experience and design capabilities, we can create complex configurators that can meet your needs.

Types of Configurators

At Lounge Lizard we offer three types of configurators:

  • Stand Alone – This is more of a standard-type of configurator you would use on your website that allows customers to find the right product for their needs. It can be created and utilized in a manner that doesn’t require a full-scale website overhaul and would be completely customizable for your products.
  • Private Access – This type of configurator is utilized internally by a business and is often for sales, manufacturing, or customer service employees to use for various tasks behind the scenes.
  • Part Number Builders – This option for a configurator is linked to an e-commerce cart or “request for quote” product database. It allows for an easy method that customers can request a quote on a product or purchase a product.

Online product configurators are an excellent way to showcase certain products to customers online. They allow people to truly “see” what they are buying in a way that allows online retailers to more easily compete with local brick-and-mortar stores who offer large showrooms for products. They are becoming a necessity if you wish to stay on even-footing with the competition.