NY web design companies

Who are the top NY web design companies and what makes them successful? Those are both excellent questions to ask if you are a company shopping for a web design firm and want to stay local to the New York area. While they are both great questions we will start with the latter and then move to the former.

Success in Web Design

In a nutshell being successful in web design has less to do with a company’s numbers compared to its’ clients numbers. By that we mean the success of a great web design firm will be apparent based on the level of success its’ clients have achieved after the process is completed and the site is launched. Modern day web design involves a multi-function approach with SEO and content being a primary aspect of the build process.

  • Design – Matching the company goals with the user experience all while incorporating a modern user interface that pays attention to colors, fonts, images and video.
  • Usability – The platform, ease of navigation, flow, readability, and user orientation should all be considered.
  • SEO – Proper SEO involves title tags, categories, internal links, calls to action and of course, conversions.
  • Content – Proper content hierarchy needs to be considered with good use of topics, pages, categories and content rich pages.
  • Integration – In today’s world you need to combine a responsive web design with social media for the maximum cross channel effect.

Those five primary points illustrate why most businesses will benefit from using a web design company. Web design is so much more than it used to be and now most firms utilize teams of specialists to work on the various aspects involved in creating a great site.

Top NY Web Design Companies

The New York and the tri-state area there are quite a few great web design companies. Lounge Lizard is an award-winning firm that has developed numerous sites for local clients as well as those across the United States. Blue Fountain Media, Dizzain Inc. and Edward Web Design are also notable. There are others who would like to say they are the best, but the best simply let the success of their clients speak for them.