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Cinematic experience crafted for IT company

The website for viLogics was stuck in the past when they came to Lounge Lizard Worldwide. Like many IT companies and cloud service providers, viLogics had standard computer clipart and a tired WordPress template that was not showcasing anything unique or driving leads.

The Lounge Lizard Brandtenders took viLogics to the next level, even the next 100 levels. A complete rebranding and website design transformation disrupted the IT industry, showing what can be done for a small company.

Brandtenders started with Total Secure Office2, a service built with seven structurally advanced layers that ensure business continuity, cybersecurity, and elevation of IT networks. What Lounge Lizard came up with was The ‘Prometheus’ Project.

Brandtenders designed an alien-like, cinematic experience with a ‘Fortress’ as the focal point. Fortresses are virtually impenetrable, the perfect representation of a powerful IT solution. Website visitors from Earth and beyond see the outside of the ‘Fortress’’ and get a treat with seven interior rooms and a full 360-degree view.

Hundreds of hours were needed for this rebranding, animation, and website redesign project.

When you have a Fortress in the middle of the Rocky Mountains and the most cutting-edge technology, it would seem out of place to have “staff.” Right? The viLogics team now has “Fortress Agents” to stop any would-be cyber thieves.

The website redesign and rebranding have given Fortress Agents quality leads and identity that can carry them into the future.

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