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New Website for DoALL Sawing Products A Cut Above Industry Sites

There’s no question that DoALL Sawing Products is legendary. After all, the company’s founder, Leighton A. Wilkie, invented and manufactured the first metal cutting band saw in the 1920s. The band saw reigns as one of the most common tools used in manufacturing today.

DoALL Sawing Products has grown from humble beginnings into an award-winning global supplier of industrial machines and sawing solutions, with locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and The Netherlands.

Although a leader in the industry, DoALL Sawing Products’ website platform and design were behind the times. Magento 1 was sunsetting, so DoALL enlisted the Brandtenders at Lounge Lizard Worldwide to migrate their website to Magento 2 and do a complete redesign.

The Lounge Lizard design and development teams worked with DoALL to help ensure they could take advantage of everything Magento 2 offers, including new features and an open-source eCommerce web application.

The eCommerce portion of the website was of utmost importance. DoALL has the most extensive line of band saws, band saw blades, and coolant products in the industry, so Brandtenders created a site that would offer a seamless process for visitors worldwide to find and purchase the right sawing solution.

The result? An online, innovative Saw Selector.

The Saw Selector walks potential customers through a series of questions and includes options and photos. The buyers’ journey is straightforward, leading to a satisfied, fast experience and fewer calls to customer service.

With the website redesign, Lounge Lizard Brandtenders wanted to reflect the company’s history, core values, and future. The company’s iconic turquoise and bright yellow logo was left untouched, but it was incorporated with some traditional industry colors (orange and black) on the overall website.

With DoALL Sawing Products, you can cut through anything. Their new website gives them a strong presence for all the power they need in the marketplace for years to come.

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