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Taking Gig Work to New Heights at WorkTempl Lounge Lizard Builds the Ultimate Community Resource

Stakeholders at a brand new company in the Lake Tahoe/Truckee area wanted to create a purpose-built website where workers in the area could be matched up with homeowners and businesses looking for qualified people. As a public benefit corporation, WorkTempl was offering their services for free to people seeking work and charging a modest membership fee to homeowners and businesses.

WorkTempl found Lounge Lizard’s vast experience in creating beautiful, functional websites through innovative design and development best practices to be the perfect solution for their new venture.

In line with WorkTempl’s overall business plan to offer their services to similar communities
in the future, Lounge Lizard’s Brandtenders approached the overall website concept with the idea of expansion and franchising front and center. Differentiating the site from other community-based sites, such as NextDoor, became imperative.

Wanting to convey an artistic and fun vibe that matched the Lake Tahoe community, the site was designed with their wide audience in mind and the Brandtenders found ways to incorporate creative touches in everything from layout to designed custom iconography to tie the entire site together and create a cohesive presentation.

Staying away from a corporate look and feel, the Brandtenders designed a site that was functional for the different site personas leading them through without being confusing or arbitrary. As a value-added perk for customers, Lounge Lizard built an integrated interface with their third-party background check service which allows site members to access valuable information before hiring a potential worker.

As a new venture, it was also critical that WorkTempl had stellar on-page SEO that would see them ranking high in their local search pack. As experts in the SEO space, Lounge Lizard was able to position the new site for swift ranking within the Lake Tahoe area.

The site launched to great success and the community-based resources, such as the events calendar, are finding avid supporters within the area.

If you have a new company that wants to create a strong brand and website, consider the benefits of working with a market leader for marketing-forward positioning. Contact Lounge Lizard to learn more about our services today.

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