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How Do You Pick The Best Font For Your Website?

Picking the best font for your website is important for a number of reasons. While some people might only thing of fonts from a basic level, how it looks to them, there is a lot more that should go into the selection process to ensure that your font is truly the best choice for your site and business.

Typography, or the style and appearance of types of print, has become a very important aspect of design in the past year. Many designers enjoy the variety of options they now have to work with, although some are certainly guilty of going a bit too far in the use of this option.

So what are the important factors to consider when selecting your font?

Top Tips for Typography

  • Keep it clear – You can easily go too far with fonts. Some people delight in the idea of using an overly scripted font that they feel matches their flowery style. However, the drawback is that you lose readability and clarity which is very bad in a digital marketplace where people will view your site on full-sized screen as well as mobile devices. You need your final selection to be clear, legible and visible to your audience.
  • Consider your brand – One of the best benefits of the ability to use more fonts in design is that you can find a style that matches your brand style. Along with helping showcase your personality, it can help sell the tone of your business visually. For example, if you have a Kid’s Gym your font should be reflective of a playful setting while a law office will want something more serious. The type of tone and message you want to project should be reflected in the font which also mean bold versus light, larger versus small text and even how it pairs with color and images.
  • Be consistent – Some people get caught up in using a variety of fonts through their design because it is fun and they can. The problem there is that your brand identity is tied to your site which includes the font and color scheme. By being consistent you are sending a constant message to visitors and making your brand more memorable. Everything should feel like one cohesive unit.
  • Look at it from all angles – When reviewing how different fonts look, don’t just compare them on a desktop screen. Yes that font looks spectacular on a 22 inch monitor but how does it compare on a 3 inch screen? With the mobile sector growing daily you want everyone to see that great font clearly. How does it look in low light? You also need something that is compatible with all types of browser. What works on Chrome might not work on Explorer or Safari.
  • Consider load times – The best looking font is the worst choice if it takes a long time to load. Internet users these days have no patience to wait for your site to load for any reason from images to font so make sure you test that font for speed.
  • Be different – Along with everything we have covered, you should also look to stand out from the crowd, or at least from your market. Arial, Helvetica and some of the other common fonts might be fine for those cookie-cutter websites, but your brand needs something more! Take your time to look at lots of options before you make the final selection, looking at what competitors use as well, so you can stand apart from everyone else.

The bottom line is that the right font is just as important as the right name, content, images and everything else that goes into your site being a great reflection of your company and brand. Learning how to pick the best font for your website and then taking the time to do so is just smart business.


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