Sports Nutrition Web Design for AnimalPak pumps up sales for Universal Nutrition

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Updated on: December 26th, 20213 min read
Aimal pak

Sports nutrition has come a long way in the last decade and so has web design which is why this combination of the two is so powerful. The sports nutrition web design for AnimalPak pumps up sales for Universal Nutrition because you are able to see the journey that people are able to take when they supplement their intensity, effort and drive; which is a very powerful thing.

That’s what life is all about after all – the journey, not just a destination. As much as we appreciate the results on the field or whatever stage an athlete performs on, often the story of that journey is just as interesting an inspiring as the results themselves when considered.

Imagery is Powerful

Making a statement in a crowded online landscape can be difficult. In the case of this sports nutrition web design the key is straightforwardness and powerful imagery. This is blood, sweat and tears combined with a goal and the ‘never give up’ attitude that helped so many people become great.

Focus. Intensity. Effort.

All captured with simple black and white images with a no-nonsense approach to a web site that fits a no-nonsense company whose focus is providing warriors with the proper tools to be successful in their individual battles.

Information Readily Available

Simple navigation for an audience that prefers straightforward options combines well with the layout and color scheme. Information is readily available on a host of topics including product sales but also blogs and training videos which are both staples of the industry.

Rather than getting caught up in overly complex navigation options the choice was obvious to use a more basic approach which allows users to delve as deep as they want or to just browse quickly. Search bars, share buttons and basic navigation icons are placed intuitively as to not take away from the information and imagery that is being shared.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the sports nutrition industry is in essence no-nonsense but that doesn’t mean they should be considered unintelligent. The reason the sports nutrition web design for AnimalPak pumps up sales for Universal Nutrition is because both of the aspects were acknowledged in the design to ensure that the brand is represented properly to their audience, showcasing similar approaches by both the business and their consumers.

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Published on: September 5th, 2016

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Sports Nutrition Web Design for AnimalPak pumps up sales for Universal Nutrition
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