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Apple watch developers at Lounge Lizard Celebrate the Launch of Total Connect

The Apple watch developers at Lounge Lizard are celebrating the launch of Total Connect, a remote services app from Honeywell. It is truly an example of what can be accomplished in the app world with today’s technology.

Technology has made great leaps when it comes to the ability to control one’s environment, at least when that environment is properly wired. The Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services app is a perfect example of this, allowing a person to control security, lighting, locks, thermostats and more. You can even receive text message or email alerts, view live video including doorbell events and locate vehicles or other assets in real time.

That is a lot of power to have at your fingertips!

While the app is primarily designed to be used from an iPhone or iPad, it also has connectivity options with the iWatch which allows push notifications for things like door opening warnings or to allow you to arm a security system remotely with a touch.

The inclusion of the iWatch is one thing that makes this app special. The concept behind the iWatch has always been one of enhancement versus distraction. The added connectivity allows you to deal with important items with a glance and tap from the wrist or decide if more functionality from a mobile device is needed to attend to the problem. That is a complete enhancement to a day-to-day routine as especially important if there is a critical alert linked from an alarm system.

Consider this; how much time does it take to deal with your smartphone when you receive a notification during a meeting? The phone vibrates lightly in your pocket or your bag alerting you to some type of message. Immediately you stop paying attention to the presentation because 1) you are excited or irritated about the interruption and 2) you are wondering how much it will annoy people if you check your phone. That is the beauty of having an app that utilizes the iWatch; it is less of a distraction.

The alerts include alarms, extreme temperature changes, motion detected in restricted areas, movement of valuable items and more. For those reasons and many more the Apple watch developers at Lounge Lizard are celebrating the launch of Total Connect; a great way to stay totally connected to the things that are important to you without it becoming a distraction.

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