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Web portal development project launches for LOOP-LOC

One of the more difficult projects a web development firm can undertake is to update existing websites that utilize content management systems with multiple access points for a business, its customers and third party vendors. That is the type of scenario that an international company faced which led to the web portal development project that launched for Loop Loc courtesy of Lounge Lizard.

The Problem

How do you update a website that utilizes an archaic CMS which is difficult and cumbersome to modify into a user-friendly site that meets all of your business needs? It needs to be mobile friendly and has to allow access from third party vendors.

As they often say, the devil is in the details.

As an international pool safety cover manufacturer that worked with a variety of customers and vendors organization certainly was key when working with Loop-Loc.

The Solution

As with every project at Lounge Lizard, planning and attention to details upfront create the solution. Using wireframe blueprints, consumer facing web pages and B2B pages were re-designed before coding and implementation. By re-architecting the old consumer facing website into a user-friendly mobile experience customers were instantly able to access the site from any device.

The ecommerce functionality was coded and configured in house with content integrated into the CMS allowing more editing and control by business administrators. There was also integration added between systems to allow third party vendors the ability to manage their own accounts.

Then Lounge Lizard created two new web-based measurement tools which allowed dealers to enter their own custom data and instantly return price quotes based on needs with additional options for orders or estimates depending on the scenario.

The Bottom Line

While some businesses might feel trapped with older, archaic systems that were built up over time and now are outdated that doesn’t mean they have to stay trapped. Technology has gotten to a point where hurdles can easily be overcome with proper planning, experience and skill which was fully on display during the web portal development project launched for Loop -Loc. In many cases it is a matter of finding the right partner who can then see the solution to the problem that makes the most sense. Just like not every business can make custom pool safety covers, not every business is equipped to help navigate the myriad of options and solutions available for web based problems, which is why finding the right partner for the journey is so important if you want it to be a successful one.

Be sure to check back every week for the latest news announcements from Lounge Lizard.

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