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IOS App developers at Lounge Lizard Cheer On the Launch of Cheery

The IOS App developers at Lounge Lizard are cheering on the launch of Cheery, an app designed to help inject positivity into your life.

It’s been a pretty rough year for a lot of people and some of that has to do with the constant glut of negativity that floats around the world we inhabit. Social media has combined with a 24-hour news cycle to create a regular flow of information that comes at you, screaming for attention, and sadly quite a bit of that information is negative.

People post negative, hurtful and hateful things – in some cases just to get a response and more notoriety. Sometimes people just want attention, even if that attention is bad. Then there are even folks out there who are bored and like to stir the pot to make other people miserable like themselves.

Rather than always being stuck in that negative flow, the IOS App developers at Lounge Lizard have crafted the positive social app Cheery, the app with a cheery demeanor that aims to promote positivity with an encouraging social network.

What is Cheery?

The philosophy behind this app is to solve the problem of negativity that has arisen on all of our social networks. This social networking platform will mitigate negativity and focus only on positive postings.

This is a platform that embraces and rewards positivity and encouraging words which all helps fuel the Cheery Movement. With options to flag negativity, the goal is to keep the community strong and positive, focusing on happy rather than sad and optimism rather than pessimism.

Being positive is actually a much healthier option for your life. As our moods can affect motivation, happiness, health, self-esteem and social activity, the power of positivity can benefit you in all of these areas if you let it.

Sure, it is much easier to be negative than positive, but the benefits easily outweigh the cost.

The bottom line is that social networks are a wonderful thing, but they can also get you down; until now. The IOS app developers at Lounge Lizard are cheering on the launch of cheery because this is a way to embrace and share the positive moments in life and even share them to other social media networks without the worry or concern of hate mongers and trolls ruining your beautiful day. Join the movement and start spreading the Cheery!

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