Furniture Website Design for FDS Unveiled for the Hospitality Industry

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Updated on: December 26th, 20214 min read
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Furniture Design Studios (FDS), a leader in the manufacturing of custom furniture for the past 25 years, recently launched an updated website developed to showcase their business and brand for prospective clients. The new website firmly places them in the driver’s seat for showcasing everything that they can provide a client.

Recognized globally for their unparalleled ability to design and produce premium products for the hospitality industry, Furniture Design Studios has worked with some of the most prominent establishments in the United States including Diamond Resorts International, Royal Plaza Walt Disney, Planet Hollywood Towers, and The Hudson Theater.

Their Needs

As a custom furniture designer that specializes in case goods, seating and kitchen furniture FDS needed an innovative, well-designed site that properly reflected their business which excels in crafting inventive, elegant, and well-made solutions for hospitality needs.

The site needed to be smooth and seamless with a focus placed on images and a gallery that could properly showcase what FDS has created for past clients. In addition they needed something mobile ready, fast, and technologically advanced. Today’s clients expect that a high-end business will have a high-end website with the proper look and integration of features that is reflective of the type of business Furniture Design Studios has worked hard to become.

The Results

The previous site, while functional, was a few years out of date. It was not responsive which made mobile viewing more challenging. In comparison to what designers can craft today, the older site was a bit archaic with its navigation and transitions.

The new site is reflective of a business that is celebrating twenty-five years in business with an updated logo and color scheme that focuses more on the use of white space to help define and organize the site. The colors utilized were by design to help accentuate the images used, showcasing the various products and designs they have crafted.

Navigation now follows the more common mobile mold using scrolling or tapping as the primary navigation methods. The gallery and division sections have been expanded to allow customers to dive into the products FDS has crafted all done with the proper feel that reflects the business’s brand.

The combination of all of these items and features are a combination of:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Mobile Strategy
  • UX Strategy

The UX strategy was focused on ease-of-access and ease-of –use so that people can easily digest information no matter if on a tablet, smartphone or desktop computer. Everything is simple, elegant and clean; providing users what they need to understand what FDS can provide for them.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that in today’s hyper-competitive world your business needs a website that not only serves its’ primary purpose whether that be providing information or acting as a sales funnel, but also needs to have a sense of style and branding that matches the business itself. Furniture Design Studios now has a custom designed site that matches their voice, style and needs which is much like the custom furniture their provide their clients.

View Furniture Design Studios Website Design.

Published on: April 3rd, 2017

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Furniture Website Design for FDS Unveiled for the Hospitality Industry
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