Restaurant Website Design for BonChon Creates Hunger for Korean Fried Chicken

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Updated on: December 26th, 20214 min read
Bon chon

Good food is something that can be hard to find but when you do it is oh so worth it. While there are millions of hungry foodies out there always on the lookout for the tastiest new locale, how can a restaurant market themselves in our hyper-virtual environment? One method starts with a strong web presence which is very apparent with the Restaurant Website Design for BonChon which created hunger for Korean Fried Chicken.

Visualizing the Experience

One of the things that we have learned from Yelp and Instagram is the power of visuals in the food industry. It’s not enough to simply list a menu of items with prices, directions to a location or even to allow online ordering; you need to show the potential customer what they could be enjoying.

Yelp was one of the first places where foodies could share the visual experience of a restaurant. They would not only review the service and conditions of an establishment, but often would upload pictures of the dishes they ordered along with thoughts. These opinions allowed other people a way to preview an establishment before deciding to dine there.

The Instagram explosion into the social media world has had a similar effect on restaurants as people constantly upload images of dishes before and after eating them.

Obviously this is something that consumers are hungry for so it makes sense to take that same concept back to the website of an establishment like BonChon when doing restaurant web design.

Simplicity and Integration

What makes the BonChon project so successful is the combination of simplicity and integration. By that we mean the site at its core is optimized for a mobile world and has a simple scrolling navigation. At the same time the site is well integrated with other aspects BonChon uses such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The site loads with a video montage that showcases the food and its preparation. You have quick access to finding a nearby location or you can slide down for more information. Images rotate featuring favorite dishes along with some history and information to help visitors get an idea about what BonChon is all about.

The combination of simplicity and integration helps fuel the hunger for their Korean fried chicken and then allows people to quickly sate that hunger with directions to a nearby eatery or even learn more on one of their other social media platforms; things proven to be desired by the current generation of food lovers.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that it can be difficult to make a splash in the food industry. Even global brands that have a reputation on other continents need to adapt as they cross boarders if they want to quickly get the word out in new locales about who they are and what they bring to the table.

Having the proper approach online is critical as you launch locations so people can find you and learn about you even if you haven’t been Yelped about which is why the restaurant website design for BonChon was important to create hunger for their Korean Fried Chicken as they open locations in the U.S.

Be sure to check back every week for the latest news announcements from Lounge Lizard.

Published on: January 17th, 2017

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Restaurant Website Design for BonChon Creates Hunger for Korean Fried Chicken
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