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Education App Developers at Lounge Lizard Celebrate the Launch of Siraj

Education is invaluable because it not only broadens your thinking and expands what you are able to do, but it is also something that can’t be taken away from you. For those reasons alone the Education App Developers at Lounge Lizard are celebrating the launch of Siraj, an educational app that is designed to improve children’s literacy skill sets in the Arabic language.

There are certain projects developers are lucky to be a part of and the Education App Developers were excited to see a project focused around language, literacy and helping maintain culture while encouraging creativity.

The Siraj App

The Qatar Foundation created a 3D animated TV series titled ‘Siraj’ in November of 2016. The concept behind the series is to take children ages 2 to 8 on a journey of discovery and exploration while providing an educational component for learning the Arabic language at an early age.

Each episode of the series is based around a specific letter of the Arabic alphabet. Rashid and his older sister, Noura, along with friends go on adventures that combine entertainment, education, creativity and innovation with a backdrop of Qatari landmarks.

The Siraj App is an extension of the TV series allowing for fun and interactivity on the OS platform for iPad users. At its core the app is a multifunctional educational tool, designed to follow the story of Siraj while also using content that parents and teachers can make use of in furthering the language skills of children.

Like many educational apps, Siraj utilizes animated characters that have to accomplish specific step-related goals during their adventures. Positive reinforcement and encouragement are utilized along with familiar markings from the show to help with emersion and focus. Designed for iOS 5.1.1 or later, this iPad app is free and available from iTunes.

The Qatar Foundation

The Qatar Foundation was established in 1995 as a plan for the future development of the country of Qatar created by His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani. The idea was to create a foundation that focused on the education, science and community development for the country o Qatar to help provide its citizens with more choices and information.

Their vision is to create a nation that can be a vanguard for productive change in the region and being a role model for the community. The core mission areas of education, science and community development will work in harmony to promote a culture of excellence in the country.

The launch of the Siraj TV show and corresponding Siraj App are part of that plan as the foundation looks to guide their nation to becoming a modern, knowledge-based country.

The Bottom Line

Education, for any country, is the bedrock of success. Education App Developers at Lounge Lizard are celebrating the launch of Siraj because this app is a wonderfully crafted tool to help reinforce the groundwork of education with children who want or need to learn the Arabic language. The idea behind this application is one that should be mirrored by other countries and cultures to help children gain a strong foundation in their own primary language using something that is fun and creative while teaching fundamentals.

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