Financial Website Design & Development for Renaissance Capital Debuts

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Updated on: December 26th, 20214 min read
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Renaissance Capital, the global leader in providing pre-IPO institutional research and management of IPO-focused investment products, recently launched an updated website developed to better meet the needs of their clients. With this update they are in a better position to provide timely, valuable information to users and showcase what they offer to prospective clients.

The Challenge

Renaissance Capital needed to update their website for a number of reasons including to take advantage of technological advances since the launch of the previous site. Coupled with that was a need to re-focus on the user experience and branding all while maintaining and elevating the existing structure and strategy the business utilizes.

Today’s clients want and expect more from a company that focuses on investing in cutting edge ideas and technologies and a business website should reflect a business that utilizes similar aspects themselves. While the old site was functional, it was not providing the look or interaction their target audience is familiar with or would expect.

The Results

A side-by-side comparison of Renaissance Capital before and after the website update showcases some of the changes that were undertaken:

At a glance there are numerous changes to the site structure and brand strategy which was all by design. An in-depth analysis of the target audience as well as the business was performed to garner perspective of the users with subsequent designs factoring in that analysis.

A mobile friendly design was implemented that allows an easy interface to navigate via scrolling or tapping. The appearance is more focused and streamlined. Including an introductory video was necessary to help convey the business’s value proposition in an easily digestible format.

The logo and taglines were crafted to reflect the business and brand properly. The landing page imagery, use of contrast and colors were implemented to provide the proper feel that reflects the business.

The combination of all of these items and features are a combination of:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Direct Response Strategy
  • UX Strategy

A key point was made to craft a new brand voice for Renaissance Capital that would properly resonate with the target users. The style of the site, colors, images and even the nature of the introduction video all work in harmony to provide the voice they want to use for online representation. Profit intelligently so that you can spend time doing things that you love.

The UX strategy was focused on ease-of-access and ease-of –use so that people can easily digest information no matter if on a tablet, smartphone or desktop computer. Information is easily accessible from expandable menus along with a search function.

Calls-to-action (CTAs) are clear on every page helping move visitors along the funnel towards the destination. Additionally the social media connections are included to allow a quick connection to their other channels.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that in today’s hyper-competitive world your business is competing with other businesses constantly. It is critical to ensure that you understand your target users and understand how best to connect with them. That means having a website that provides them with a great user experience while providing them with the information they are looking for while also providing functionality and speaking with your brand’s unique voice; something Renaissance Capital now has.

Published on: March 23rd, 2017

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Financial Website Design & Development for Renaissance Capital Debuts
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