Evolv Technology Gets A Boost With Lounge Lizard’s Top SEO + Web Design Services

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Updated on: April 21st, 20235 min read
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In support of Evolv Technology’s brand refresh efforts, Lounge Lizard has launched industry-leading SEO services designed to boost organic search traffic and generate high-quality marketing qualified leads (MQL). 

Informed by extensive SEO and CRO audits, Lounge Lizard’s efforts were multi-faceted. They included completely restructuring and redirecting multiple domains to create a single optimized website to achieve Evolv’s overall goals.

Believing that we, as a society, are hampered by an out-of-date level of security, Evolv leverages the strength of sensor technology and a tried-and-true AI software platform to provide individuals peace of mind and revolutionize the way they connect with the outside world. Evolv’s highly accurate AI-based weapons detection systems and screening products identify concealed weapons and other potentially dangerous materials to keep people safe where they congregate.

Standing out in the industry, Evolv needed a website and online presence that matched its progressive product offerings. Evolv had concluded that their current website needed to generate more organic website traffic or convertible leads and engaged Lounge Lizard’s top SEO services and design teams to create solutions.

Before and after images of Evolv's homepage are shown on desktop computers.

Top SEO Services

The SEO team discovered multiple discoverable duplicates of the company’s website, which split the ranking authority of Evolv and led to very low search engine results. Using industry-leading best practices, the SEO team chose one single version of the Evolv domain and treated it as the “true canonical” by utilizing 301 redirects to move the other domains at the server level using mod_rewrite code.

This process created a single, discoverable website with consolidated content, incoming links, and PageRank. This significantly increased the root domain authority for the Evolv website and improved organic search results, which are now reaching over 30K and are on an upward trajectory.

With a streamlined site architecture, the SEO team used top-level on and off-page tactics to optimize individual pages and posts, from auditing the existing website’s SEO performance to updating and optimizing content to enhancing the use of keywords, meta tags and alt image tags. In addition, the SEO team implemented Google Analytics 4 to improve Evolv’s reporting capabilities before the upcoming deadline.

Custom Website Design and Development

Lounge Lizard’s creative team of Brandtenders behind the website design aimed for a modern, minimalistic look while prioritizing mobile responsiveness and user experience. To achieve this, they incorporated interactive animations, clear color contrasts for accessibility, and strong calls to action to encourage user interaction. The homepage also features a hero carousel of well-curated video compilations that effectively conveyed the brand’s message.

By featuring imagery throughout the website of people, families, and friends, the site takes on a humanistic feel, emphasizing the importance of gathering in safety and lowering risk. Overall, the new site strikes a balance between simplicity and contemporary design.

The development team used a tech-forward array of full-stack development tools, including Next.js, Node.js, and Prismic.io on AWS Amplify, to create a fast, responsive site that met speed and optimization criteria to support the SEO team’s efforts, as well as Google’s Core Web Vitals.

Overall Success

Since launching their new website, Evolv has seen an increase in organic search traffic of over 130%, with visitors increasing their time on the site by over 12%. With a website that more accurately conveys its vision and core values, Evolv’s brand matches its online presence more closely and innovatively showcases its technology for potential customers.

If you want to revamp your business’s online presence, consider contacting Lounge Lizard Worldwide. The company’s Brandtenders and Marketing Mixologists can help serve up everything from world-class SEO services to website design and digital marketing strategies. Don’t let your website hold you back – let Lounge Lizard help you expand your business’ reach.

A video and brief on Evolv Technology features a poll on Americans' anxiety levels with gun violence.
Published on: April 20th, 2023

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Evolv Technology Gets A Boost With Lounge Lizard’s Top SEO + Web Design Services
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