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Top 5 Mobile Friendly Failures Affecting Your Revenue

Did you know that businesses are regularly losing mobile customers left and right? It’s a sad truth and many of those loses have to do with the expectations people have, especially younger ones, for getting what they want when they want it. Yes, I am saying that a lot of people are spoiled and impatient and that can easily affect your bottom line. As one of the more experienced web design companies on the block, we have identified the common Top 5 Mobile Friendly failures affecting your revenue.

What are Mobile Friendly Failures? That is when you think you are setting up an aspect of your website to be effective for both desktop and mobile users, but are failing on the mobile side of things, often unbeknownst to you.

As people have less and less patience along with shortened attention spans, these fails can easily lead to said mobile user jumping ship to find a business with a website that does meet their impatient needs.

Top 5 Mobile Friendly Failures

This list is not going to include the basic step of having a responsive web design, because if you don’t then you have a big problem already.

  • Bad Content Placement – This happens a lot on retail sites but can cause issues with anyone. Unlike a desktop screen that has more room to work with, mobile devices have a narrow field with limited space. Many people leave Call-to-Action buttons, important information like sales prices or specials and other much need tidbits further down the screen. While yes, people can scroll down to see them, your goal should be to instantly capture attention on that first screen. Make sure you know where your content falls on various devices and adjust as needed so that everyone sees the important items from the get go.
  • Font Issues – The top two font problems are size and font shifting. Size is fairly simple; in many cases text size is too small on a smart device and people get tired of zooming in and out. One nice alternative is side swipes for product details and the like that fill the whole screen with larger font. The second issue is font shifting which occurs when a device needs to translate that super cool font you are using into something it actually has available. This can cause a lot of problems with overlapping text or even dropped words.
  • Where is the Video – Did you know that flash video does not work on iOS devices? Did you also know that other video displays can have issue with some of the older phone models and cheaper models? If the video is a key aspect of your presentation then you better be sure it will play everywhere!
  • Slow Loader – Slow load times are like the blue screen of death to a mobile user. More than 3 seconds and the users are irritated. More than 4 seconds are you will be lucky if they are still there. Once 5 seconds hits the carriage has turned back into a pumpkin and the ball is over. Excellent optimization can reduce load times which in turns increases conversions.
  • No Loader – Wouldn’t it be horrible if your images or website failed to load on certain devices? Don’t laugh because it happens.

The Bottom Line

The truth of the matter is that having any of these failures is going to affect your bottom line in the form of lost conversions and customers. In all cases these are issues that can be avoided by performing thorough testing and optimization to your site. It makes sense to perform some testing to make sure that these top 5 mobile friendly failures won’t affect your revenue.

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