The Crash of Corporate Website Design

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Updated on: December 26th, 20214 min read
The crash of corporate website design

The Crash of Corporate Website Design

There is a growing trend within corporate America and the way a company markets their business. Keeping pace with changes in America’s culture and the “new decision makers,” Generation Z and millennials are requiring the public to take a different approach to marketing. This has been dubbed ‘the crash of corporate design’ by industry insiders as businesses scramble to avoid an outdated digital appearance.

Design and marketing has become more edgy, in part to stand out, but also in response to a changing world. This has become apparent in corporate America over the last decade as “Casual Friday” attire has become “work attire”.

What was once considered typical has now aged to become outdated and stuffy. According to an NPR article, even the Wall Street titan Goldman Sachs has relaxed its dress code. Some of this has been attributed to the rise of tech companies such as Google and Facebook where the focus has been on results rather than conforming to expected norms.

Contributing Factors

It is also a change driven by a shift in the generational majority in both consumers and the workforce in the U.S. According to the Pew Research Center, Generation Z and millennials make up 40 percent of the workforce. Millennials have also now overtaken Baby Boomers as the largest living adult generation in America.

Life has become less formal. As such, people within creative, design, and marketing fields have looked to push beyond the conventional approach to branding and messaging. Businesses are using designers to showcase their brands, become innovators in their fields and spin a stale image to one of style and edginess –  propelling themselves from the crowd and their competition.

Much like with shifts in dress code, Wall Street and other more formal-styled businesses are recognizing the limitations of what was known as ‘corporate design.’ Recently, New Jersey based Boiling Springs Savings Bank took on a full rebrand to transform into a “new kind of bank,” known as Blue Foundry Bank. Boiling Springs had deep roots dating back to the 1930’s, yet they also understood this isn’t 1930. The world has changed, and those requiring banking services have changed. Blue Foundry Bank is leading the banking industry in response to this movement. They have adopted this new approach not only through marketing efforts but within the culture of their business and how they provide services. They are becoming THE bank for Gen Z and millennials.

Our Approach

Lounge Lizard Worldwide has been pushing the creative envelope for years. Winners of Webby and W3 awards, these marketers have demonstrated how effective working outside the norms can be. They are now leading the charge within the digital space, providing unique approaches to web design, web development, and digital marketing that will interest and engage the now dominant younger demographic.

The crash of corporate design has arrived.

Published on: March 3rd, 2020

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The Crash of Corporate Website Design
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