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Lounge Lizard is Open for Business in Washington, D.C.

Lounge Lizard proudly announces the opening of our Washington, D.C. office! Lounge Lizard’s expansion brings our proven Brandtender philosophy on interactive + responsive web design, digital marketing, and adaptable web development to clients in the metropolitan area. Our office is led by DC transplant and Director of DC Operations, Jayme Birgy. “You have 7 seconds to create awareness and engagement. If this isn’t your focus, you are underserving your current and potential customers, constituents, and support staff,” says Jayme. “Don’t leave anyone behind in your organization’s digital initiatives.”

Lounge Lizard has 22 years of experience building user-centric websites, service portals, apps, and digital marketing campaigns for Fortune 500, federal, state, and not-for-profit clients. We are a thought leader in the industry, using methodology derived from judging the Webby Awards, writing for Forbes Magazine, and testing how hundreds of thousands of people interact daily with experiences we have designed. We always measure true results down the client’s business objectives. Lounge Lizard specializes in converting people into lifelong promoters and customers.

Situated steps from Farragut Square on Connecticut Avenue or online virtually, Jayme and our team of Brandtenders, UX strategists, designers, skilled developers, and marketing pros are here to turn your online goals into measurable results. The digital space is constantly changing, oftentimes by the month. Partnering with Lounge Lizard will keep you on the top of your digital sphere whether it be selling goods or providing services. Let’s craft your digital space and produce results.

Contact Info:

Name: Jayme Birgy

Organization: Lounge Lizard Worldwide, Inc.

Address: 1101 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 450, Washington, DC 20036

Phone: +1 (202) 900-8859

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