Novus Media Launches New Corporate Website Designed by Lounge Lizard

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Updated on: December 26th, 20214 min read

Lounge Lizard Worldwide is globally recognized as one of the top web design and developers in the field. “Best of Breed since 1998,” they employ some of the most creative and tech-savvy people within the industry who combine passion and expertise to develop award winning websites, innovative strategies, and customized applications for both startups and established players in all industries.

Today, Lounge Lizard is excited to announce the launch of a new corporate website for Novus Media, the Minneapolis based marketing leader. This new site was designed to not only provide a unique experience for users, focused around a sleek user-interface, but to also showcase what Novus has done and can do for future clients.

It starts with the landing page and fantastic visual element which engages users without overwhelming them. A straightforward statement informs visitors quickly and simply where they have landed so that there is no confusion. Navigation and menu options are easily identifiable and intuitive in design with the above the fold element hidden until the user scrolls downward.

Images remain the star of the show, each carefully selected to enhance content topics while also utilizing crisp colors and a professional air that matches the brand image of Novus. Sprinkled into images are the bright, thick circle of light which is a brand image for the company and reflected in the primary logo using a blue color for the “O” in “Novus”. This circle of light was a visual attractor on the landing page and its’ repeated use reinforces the brand image in the subconscious. As you scroll it is almost if the “O” follows down the page behind images and then re-appearing.

The site is built on a responsive platform, critical in today’s highly mobile world. The layout relies on white space to define elements which when combined with the logo and brand color scheme provides a level of continuity across the site. Visibility and readability are both extremely high for this site with the combination of font style and size along with spacing, and element definition.

Founded in a Minnesota garage and now run by Dale Murphy, Novus Media is one of the largest U.S. media buyers which specializes in campaigns using both online and print media. With 30 years in business, starting as a marketing firm that has developed into the #1 print buyer in North America, Novus has evolved into a fully multichannel, multiplatform business that offers services to advertisers and agencies across all major industries and the launch of their new website is another step of that continual evolution.

About Lounge Lizard Worldwide

Lounge Lizard Worldwide is an award-winning, high-end digital firm that specializes in website design and development, digital marketing, mobile app development, UI/UX interfaces, and branding. Since 1998, Lounge Lizard has provided clients with a level of experience and expertise that produces results and makes the competition envious.

Published on: January 24th, 2019

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Novus Media Launches New Corporate Website Designed by Lounge Lizard
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