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Lounge Lizard Creates Mobile App for AERCO

AERCO is a leading manufacturer of cost-effective condensing boilers and water heaters for schools, healthcare facilities, government buildings, and other commercial applications. They provide the most powerful and efficient products in the industry with the smallest footprint, which makes them ideal for older buildings where there’s not a lot of space.

AERCO‘s Edge mobile app was developed to communicate directly with AERCO‘s “Benchmark” flagship series of condensing boilers via Bluetooth. It’s designed to be used on site by professional building managers, HVAC engineers, and other trained personnel. When close to a boiler, users can connect to the unit via the app to view its current status, review trending data for key parameters, perform diagnostics and calibration procedures, and adjust boiler settings for both stand along and multi-unit installations. The app was developed using Microsoft’s Xamarin: a cross-platform solution for both iOS and Android. This helps saved AERCO on development time and cost by combining the code base for both mobile platforms as well as for both phones and tablets.

The app is helping AERCO remain a leader in the industrial condensing boiler space. Lounge Lizard is currently working with AERCO on the second phase of the Edge app, which will be able to communicate with more products.

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