New LOOP-LOC Website is Making Waves in Pool Industry

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Updated on: April 5th, 20224 min read
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Sometimes the best changes happen when you dive right in.

LOOP-LOC knew their website was older and didn’t stand out much from their competition any longer. They trusted the Brandtenders at Lounge Lizard Worldwide to go freestyle and create a custom website that is up to date with current trends and ready to improve conversions.

LOOP-LOC, founded in 1978, is a manufacturer of luxury swimming pool liners, safety pool covers, and BABY-LOC removable fencing. Through its network of dealers, LOOP-LOC has a global reach.

“Our new website looks amazing and I am extremely happy with the way it turned out,” says a LOOP-LOC executive. 

Here’s how LOOP-LOC website transformation feels with new UI/UX design:

Old website: Trying to open your eyes underwater while freediving with a boulder.

Redesigned website: Gracefully and skillfully gliding through a pool during a perfectly timed synchronized swimming exercise, showing great strength, flexibility, and creativity

So how did Lounge Lizard do it, and how will the new site help them?

The first thought for the Brandtenders is the 7-Second Rule. 

They use design to grab your website visitors’ attention and provide value within 7 seconds. 

For LOOP-LOC, this meant vibrant colors and user-friendly modules, as well as the feeling of motion. Brandtenders had to find a way to combine that fun with the serious topic of pool safety. It was paramount to position LOOP-LOC as an experienced expert.

The newly redesigned website has wave animation everywhere you look, from call-to-action buttons and the footer to custom graphics and icons.

The Brandtenders expertly designed a website that had a luxury lifestyle feel and one that is educational – and includes their token mascot, Bubbles the Elephant. (To see how an elephant helps sell pool products, you’ll have to visit the website.)

For consumers, finding a luxury pool liner – like Beachglass or Platinum Onyx – or a safety cover in any color has never been easier! A click on a gallery box and visitors can see pool liners in real-life images (not just product images) and all the information they need to make an informed decision. 

LOOP-LOC takes it one step further by incorporating the MIRAGE, a pool visualizer built by Lounge Lizard, so you can see what your favorite pool liners or pool safety covers look like on your pool.

In addition to design work, the Brandtenders also completed SEO audits and made sure the new website was optimized to expand its potential.

After the website launched, Lounge Lizard wanted to get the word out, and one of the best ways to do that is on social media.

By boosting an animated post on Facebook and Instagram to encourage everyone to visit the new site, LOOP-LOC reached more than 24,000 people.

The impact of the new design was evident, even just a short time after launch.

Website visitors weren’t bouncing; in fact, more than 26% of visitors were staying on the site longer. We expect the metrics to increase as SEO and engagement boost over time.

The new, mobile-friendly website combines the user-friendliness that visitors crave with the functionality that the LOOP-LOC team and dealers nationwide need for streamlined success.

Does your company want to blow your competition out of the water with a redesigned website? Contact the Brandtenders and Marketing Mixologists at Lounge Lizard Worldwide to learn how website development and design, branding, SEO, advertising, and digital marketing can drive quality leads to your website and increase your ROI.

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Published on: February 9th, 2022

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New LOOP-LOC Website is Making Waves in Pool Industry
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