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Updated on: April 22nd, 20227 min read
Eurosort new website

In any language, EuroSort Systems is the go-to expert in high-speed sortation and product movement systems throughout Europe and North America.

Located in Amsterdam and with over 20 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and facilitating sorting systems as a multi-national entity, EuroSort wanted to modernize their website to match their stellar reputation in the sortation field. They are leaders in their industry when it comes to sorting posted mail, order fulfillment, returns, or store replenishment, but felt their website lacked the high-tech look and feel that matched their technology-forward high-speed products.

Earning a well-deserved reputation as a worldwide leader in the industry, EuroSort manufactures a ‘plug and play’ design of split-tray sorters and push-tray sorters that can be configured into robust, efficient sorting systems to complete the most complex of tasks. Their projects throughout Europe and the United States, Canada, and Mexico optimize bulk operations from pharmaceutical companies, book distributors, postal entities, and e-commerce companies, to name a few.

Designing a Website for the Future

To better deliver their message, EuroSort engaged Lounge Lizard Worldwide to design and develop a new, well-focused, and state-of-the-art website that would speak to the integrators (or builders) and end-userswho buy their equipment.

The agreed-upon objectives included:

  • Create a new website that solidified their brand authority and highlighted their products more thoroughly than the existing site.
  • Use a customer-forward experience that educated, enlightened, and ‘WOWed’ those that visited.
  • Engage customers in an easy-to-navigate experience that leads to further interaction through Calls to Action (lacking on their existing site) and lead generation.
  • Increase leads through email subscriptions, contacts, and resource engagement.
  • Create a system that can be self-managed and maintained.

Additionally, EuroSort had two requirements to be considered. First, the site needed to be multi-lingual and it needed to be translatable into Dutch, Spanish, German, and English, both U.S. and U.K. 

Second, the site needed to be fully compliant with accessibility requirements defined by the EU-centered General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and its accompanying Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

First Step, Gather the Tools

The Lounge Lizard design and development teams identified the best tools to maximize EuroSort’s vision. This included a foundation using WordPress with a customized theme and upgraded modular components, PHP, and multi-language translation technology.

Next, Lounge Lizard’s design team developed a site map architecture that gave focus to the overall project and created a foundation where they would showcase EuroSort’s high-tech systems and diverse applications. This allowed them to do the following:

  • Create a site that flows with visually active videos underlying content for a rich and dynamic look that leads the visitor deeper into the site and through their story.
  • Build a sales funnel that guided visitors and potential customers toward the lead generation components.
  • Feather in accessibility so that all visitors could find what they were searching for.
  • Highlight the simplicity and efficiency of EuroSort’s ‘plug and play’ design that takes complex sorting layouts and makes them manageable.
  • Construct a library for the comprehensive videos, imagery, and 3D renderings that they had developed and compiled but had never been able to adequately display.

Designing for Future Expansion

With future growth top of mind, EuroSort wanted to ensure that their new site would provide the flexibility for them to add additional pages, posts, or even create multiple sites in the future. There also needed to be the ability to integrate third-party support like their SEO providers and real-time analytics from multiple countries. 

To that end, Brandtenders focused on building a modular flow that could be customized based on the product offerings and the intended market and, in the end, designed a site that exceeded the customer’s expectations for flexibility.

Improving on the Past

The EuroSort team felt strongly that their existing site failed to capture the dynamism of their products or to tell a story about who they were and what made their organization stand apart from other similar vendors. 

With a strong color palette and layout, the Lounge Lizard design and development teams worked collaboratively using their years of experience in UI/UX design. They easily captured more of the substance of EuroSort and their unique line of sortation products and equipment. 

Through videos, animated imagery, and CTAs, the designers brought a cohesive message that enticed visitors to learn more of the EuroSort story.

Some Areas Needing Special Consideration

Lounge Lizard’s design team was able to vastly improve on the previous About Us page, which was a key point for the company. The design team created an engaging storyline by bringing in elements of EuroSort’s history, the company’s philosophy, and information about their collaborative team environment. 

Next, like so many companies during the pandemic, EuroSort was interested in bolstering their job recruitment efforts to find and hire the best talent in Europe and the U.S. The design team focused on a well-defined career recruitment page that gave EuroSort the necessary flow to recruit multi-nationally for a wide range of positions.

Next step — translation! The website went beyond Google Translate and was developed to be fully translatable based on where the visitor was located and accessible in all five of the requested languages through a toggle request. This allowed the site to immediately capture the visitor’s attention in their native language.

Finally, there was a joint design and development effort to exceed the EuroSort’s expectations for a fully accessible site in line with all US and European regulations. Lounge Lizard worked closely with Accessible 360 to ensure all website components were functional and would genuinely meet the needs of all visitors. 

From imagery to content to assistive and interactive technology, the EuroSort website creates a space where everyone will feel empowered.

In Summary

The collaborative design and development effort at Lounge Lizard has led to a unique website that fully integrates the pieces that EuroSort found valuable. 

If your organization is considering a website redesign or rebranding, or you have digital advertising or marketing needs, contact Lounge Lizard Worldwide for a proposal.

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Published on: January 10th, 2022

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EuroSort Launches Multi-Lingual, Fully Accessible Website
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