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Top Link Building Myths Debunked!

Link building is still an important aspect of SEO as they are still part of Google’s core search algorithm. They represent a strong signal to Google and other search engines that our content is important. However, as many web design companies will attest to, there is always a lot of incorrect information floating around the web about this topic, which can be confusing. So today we will look to curb that confusion with this piece on the top link building myths debunked!

As with most aspects of SEO, it is important to regularly reassess what you are doing and make the small adjustments needed to stay on top of your rankings. For link building that means understanding what works and what is like a Bigfoot sighting.

Link Building Myths Debunked

  • You don’t want multiple links from the same website – While having a diverse group of links coming from a wide range of domains is important, there is nothing wrong with getting multiple links from the same website. In fact, if that website has a very high authority rank, it can be a positive factor. It certainly won’t be a negative aspect to your SEO as you do not get downgraded for having multiple links with the same website. Also, from a business perspective, if those links provide you traffic and conversions, why would you want to limit them? Foster that relationship when you can!
  • Don’t use links out to other sites – While this used to be a concern many years ago, things have changed. Linking to other sites is valuable for multiple reasons, including higher rankings for SEO according to a recent study. From a relationship standpoint you are much more likely to have inbound links if another site knows you might reciprocate and that type of action helps form an important business relationship. So link to your heart’s content!
  • Obtain links gradually – There is no issue with obtaining links rapidly if they are good links. If you double and then triple your links over a few months, yes search engines might look at them carefully to ensure you are not collecting low quality links or trying to use black hat techniques, but there is no penalty for using commonly accepted link building techniques successfully over a short period of time.
  • Avoid directory links – This is a bit of a subjective myth because it all depends on the directory you are looking at. Some directories are considered low quality for link purposes because there are numerous paid link directory houses out there that truly offer no substantial services to consumers at large. However, that is not all of the directories. Some directories are extremely useful and have high traffic because they are a true directory service that offers value and relevance. A link from that type of directory is a great one to have because it is an authentic site. For example, a local Chamber of Commerce often has a directory of businesses which can be valuable.
  • Avoid links from non-relevant sites – This is another myth created from unscrupulous tactics. In theory Google is looking for relevance between linked sites because there have been plenty of black hat SEO tactics employed to add links of any type to help boost rankings. So again, if you aren’t trying to “game the system” you have nothing to worry about if a site that doesn’t directly relate to you wants to link to you. That would be similar to not “liking” a Facebook page because you don’t have a relevant relationship with them. Those odd links are actually an interesting addition when obtained organically because they are truly earned links. This is especially true for smaller businesses down at the local level where your goal should be to create connections within your community.

The bottom line is that link building is a very useful part of SEO. The top link building myths debunked are those items we are asked about the most or we see confusion about that we wanted to clear up because those good links are valuable not only to rankings but also for overall traffic to your site.

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