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Our Top 5 Ways To Create Video Content That Converts

Video content is one of the hotter topics this year as it has proven itself to be one of the better mediums for engaging customers. However engagement does not always equal conversions, a sad fact that many businesses have discovered first hand. To help remedy that problem, we wanted to share our Top 5 ways to create video content that converts based on our experience as a top website design company.

Why video?

In case you aren’t aware, video content has been considered a growing marketing trend since late last year. The combination of technology advances and internet bandwidth has finally allowed this content type to flourish the way many of us hoped it would over the past few years.

Add to that the general content saturation that exists for blogs, articles and even images, it makes sense why the push for a fresh medium is a wise idea. Right now there is less competition in that area for the attention of content hungry consumers and less competition means more opportunity!

Top 5 Ways to craft VC that converts

  • Aim for Originality in your Niche – Originality is in high demand because people always like new, fresh things. However, while it can be hard to be truly original, a more reasonable goal is to be original within your niche in what you are creating. Look at what the competition is doing and then do things differently to stand out in everything from how videos are shot, where they are take, perspective, tone and style. Things that are unique are much more likely to start a conversation, get noticed and get buzz generated which helps increase view numbers.
  • Keep it Short – The ideal video length is between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. Anything beyond two minutes will directly affect your engagement numbers which you don’t want if you expect people to convert after watching the video. If you are going too long then keep editing and re-shooting until it is shorter.
  • Audio Quality over Video – The visual quality of your video is important to a degree. You obviously don’t want too much camera movement or out of focus and out of frame shots, but imperfect video quality lends credence to authentic moments which trends better. On the flip side, audio quality is extremely important so much that you should invest in a good microphone and then take the time to edit out background noises and things that will distract a viewer. When you are saying something, it is important and a viewer should not have to strain to understand it.
  • Influencers are a Key to Distribution – People who help get your video noticed are very important. Some businesses hire professionals, while others rely on employees and customers. You can also look at the media and industry leaders as potential outlets. This audience of people who are going to help extend your reach should be though about ahead of time with a specific plan as to how you will engage and reward them for helping you.
  • Facebook is on Top – Recently Facebook has made a big push forward with video content. They feature it prominently in their newsfeed and since it gets the most feedback compared to text and images, it rates higher to them. While Snapchat and other social media outlets are also good places to post, Facebook should be your primary starting spot for distribution, followed by your landing pages.

Video content is an excellent way to create engagement and generate conversions. Of course, you need to make sure each video has a conversion point of some type, along with being interesting to the target demographic. After that make sure to consider our top 5 ways to create video content that converts when you are working on your next project if you want more success.

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