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Quick Tips To Boost Creativity For Content Writing

Having a hard time getting fresh ideas for content? You aren’t alone in that predicament. Web design companies everywhere face the problem of generating interesting content either for themselves or their clients. Because of the need to consistently craft engaging copy, often we need to use anything we can to help fuel the creative fire so today we wanted to share some quick tips to boost creativity for content writing.

Often when you are crafting content there is a rush either because of posting deadlines or other tasks that need to be handled. That is why having tips to help boost your creativity is important so that you can get those juices flowing when necessary, much like stretching and warming up before a big race.

Tips for Boosting Creativity

  • Take a walk – This is an underused method that helps your body and brain on multiple levels when you are faced with any sort of creative problem. Most people work at less than peak efficiency because they don’t take enough breaks and move around often enough. On top of that we don’t get enough fresh air and instead rely on the recycled air in our offices. One of the best things you can do to increase creativity and productivity is to take a quick 10 minute walk outside before you jump into your project. Before you head out, make sure to have your topic in mind so that you can start thinking about it while your walk. Often your brain can link together some good thoughts in the background while you focus on a more mundane task, like walking. The fresh oxygen also helps clear out some of the recycled junk you have been breathing which studies have shown positively affects your body and brain.
  • Grab some coffee – Similar to the idea above, getting coffee starts by getting you up and moving which is great for your body. Having something else to focus on, away from a computer screen, is also excellent for your mind. On top of that coffee with caffeine is a stimulant which helps your mood and productivity while keeping you alert, which can be vital later in the day. If end up taking a short walk to get coffee, even better!
  • Listen to music – For some people music can be a great motivational and inspirational tool which helps stimulate brain activity. As an added bonus wearing headphones will drown out excess noise and distractions while acting as a barrier to people interrupting you (usually). There have been numerous studies supporting the increases in productivity, creativity and efficiency along with mood. The key is finding playlists that work well at that particular time. Sometimes jazz is the perfect choice while other times it might be easy listening or soft beats. Mix it up to find what you like that really gets you going.
  • Read something online – If you are stuck on an idea or drawing a blank for new ideas, reading other people’s articles can be very helpful. Not only does it get your thoughts travelling down other paths, but reading other well-written pieces can help improve your own writing skills and vocabulary. Plus it is often fertile ground for idea generation as you might have questions on a particular topic that could lead to your own spin off idea. This works best reading industry news in your niche along with sites that you specifically find interesting and engaging to help increase your brain activity.
  • Free write – Last but not least is the old standby of free writing! This technique has been used for decades in a variety of ways to help your conscious and subconscious get rid of thoughts and concerns that get in the way of a creative experience while also freeing up ideas. All you do is sit down and write two or three pages. It doesn’t matter what you are writing about as long as you write. Often I start with something that has annoyed me that day and let it go from there where it will such as how I might solve that same problem if it happens again. It can also work for brainstorming topics.

The bottom line is that being creative in any field, including content writing, is not always easy. Just like when people meet a stand-up comedian and immediately ask for a funny joke, it is hard to always be “on”. These quick tips to boost creativity for content writing can be used by anyone, anywhere, at anytime to help kickstart your creative juices and make you more productive.

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