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5 Hot Tips To Help You Reconnect With Your Disengaged Email Subscribers

While having a large email subscribers list is nice, what exactly is that list doing for you if you have low open rates and engagement? On average, 60% of all email lists are comprised of “dead” email subscribers that never open or engage with your marketing efforts. As a top web development company we wanted to share 5 Hot Tips to help you reconnect with your disengaged email subscribers and make the most out of that list you worked so hard to build.

All that dead weight is doing you absolutely no good, other than allowing you to tout a high subscriber total. That is why using a few of our hot tips can help you bring life back to those dead subscribers which should increase your overall conversions.

5 Tips to Reconnect with Dead Subscribers

  • Exclusive Promotions – People like to feel special. One way to accomplish this is by offering exclusive promotions just for the mailing list. Now, this needs to be genuine and truly exclusive otherwise you risk upsetting those people the offer was extended to. These exclusive promotions help bait the hook for future emails because even if someone doesn’t use an offer, they are more likely to check future emails for an offer they might use. There are lots of ways to offer exclusivity without breaking the bank, especially if it increases your conversions for the period.
  • Create Interaction – One issue with a dead list is that you don’t always know why. So, the simple answer is to create interaction and find out what you are doing wrong! You should be able to segment your list to those who interact, open but don’t interact, and don’t open. Then you can target each group specifically with interaction laced emails. For those who don’t open you can lead with a “Do you want to be removed from this list,” email. Perhaps you ask them if you are boring them or what they are looking for. Try and create direct engagement with individuals with personal responses and asking for thoughts and ideas to bring them more into the fold. You might find out you are sending too many emails, not enough, or simply aren’t connecting in the right way with segments of the group.
  • Be Relevant – Many times people are simply bored with what you are sending because they have so many people trying to capture their attention. Each group is different so you need to put yourself into your customers’ shoes. If you were them, what would make you open an email? Would it be some educational material on a common problem they might have? It shouldn’t always just be pitching products! Yes you should pitch and at a minimum include calls-to-action, but you also need to provide something more like insider advice, interesting stories or information within your niche that is relevant to the audience.
  • Use Cliffhangers – In our “get it now” society cliffhangers are often universally hated…but so darn effective! Think of shows like Game of Thrones or Walking Dead that consistently leave people hanging and how that sparks conversations and anticipation? Adopt that same strategy in emails by leaving a little something out of an email and at the end teasing how it will be included in the next email to leave them wanting more. Just make sure not to overuse this technique or people might become bored.
  • Offer Freebies – There is no reason to not occasionally provide people with some form of freebies either in the form of content, services, or products. Honestly it doesn’t have to be good or great stuff, or perhaps for content maybe it is something really useful. Whatever you choose, make sure it is something your list would appreciate and consider a nice gesture. That can potentially lead to reciprocity between the two of you.

The bottom line is that dead email subscribers are a waste. They are a waste of space on your list and represented a waste of effort to get those users in the first place. Our 5 hot tips to help you reconnect with your disengaged email subscribers offers the chance to reengage and turn some of that waste into conversions.

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