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What Is The Best Way To Show The Value Proposition For Your App?

With apps dropping faster than a politician’s promise after Election Day, app creators are doing everything and anything they can think of to try and ensure the success of their latest baby. But is it really just simply about demonstrating the value your app can bring to the table? What is the best way to show the value proposition for your app? As an experience mobile app developer, we wanted to chime in with our thoughts.

What is your Value Proposition?

A value proposition is a clear statement that shows a customer exactly how your product or services can solve their problem, deliver certain benefits, or will improve their situation. Basically it’s the reason why they should go with you over the competition.

It is important that not only do you clearly understand the value your app provides to people, but that you can then clearly demonstrate that to your prospective and current users.

Many people make the mistake of using a value proposition that is either too complex or too vague. For example, using lots of jargon or big words might make your intention sound great in your own ears, but might be confusing to your customers.

You want to use the right language that your target audience will understand easily and respond to; that includes phrasing and slang. You want to clearly state what your product or service is, how people will benefit from using it, and what makes your product or service unique, better, or different to fit the needs of your target users.

Once you have crafted a strong, clear value proposition, the next step is making sure you are getting that VP in front of your audience at the right place. You need to sell users hard in the initial phase if you want a lasting first impression for the value you bring to the table.

Should I be Onboarding?

To some, onboarding probably sounds like a surfing term rather than a technical one. Actually it originated in the realm of human resources in regards to helping a new employee integrate with their job. It is one of the best ways to communicate the purpose and value of your app to users.

The process is often simple, because the general rule of thumb is that you need to quickly teach users how to use the core functions of your app and explain why those aspects will be so useful to them. Some of the most common and effective methods of onboarding are introductory videos or slides, a selection of tips, the standard interface tour, or even content samples.

A key aspect of onboarding is selecting the method that works best with your target user base and will help people most easily digest the functions and benefits of your app. It is a popular method because users are semi-forced to pay attention the first time they use an app, however it needs to be done well to actually be effective.

How else can I showcase my app’s value?

Onboarding is not the only way to showcase a value proposition.

  • App Store – A strong value proposition can and should be demonstrated in the app store that clearly shows your value and why your app is head and shoulders above anything else on the market. This is a great space to include introductory screen shots as a way to jump start an onboarding process before the app is even downloaded so that users already feel comfortable when they see the app live.
  • Website – Having a great website is another way to show value. Along with offering another forum for FAQs, tips and introductions to your app, you can display testimonials from users and ratings or feedback from independent sources to reaffirm that value you are selling.

The bottom line is about 90% of all apps are downloaded, used once, and then forgotten until they are deleted. Obvious when you are developing an app your goal is to be part of the 10% and not that 90%. In our opinion the best way to show the value proposition for your app is through a combination of all the methods we talked about; in this highly competitive environment you need to do everything possible to stand out and make a strong first impression.

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