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You Haven’t Seen This On Page SEO Tips List On Buzzfeed

Getting top billing in today’s internet can be hard. Let’s be honest, if it was easy then a caveman could do it. With all due respect to Alley Oop, Fred Flintstone or any of the other stereotypical cavemen, along with a certain amount of effort you also need current knowledge of SEO to understand what works and what doesn’t. As a top web development company, we are happy to share our list of On Page SEO Tips that well help elevate your rankings out of the Stone Age.

Top On Page SEO Tips

  • Mobile Friendly Site – Some people don’t see the correlation between mobile friendly and SEO but the simple truth is that Google ranks mobile friendly sites and content higher than their non-mobile counterparts. That means your On Page SEO efforts are going to be somewhat wasted if Google overlooks your site.
  • Know thy Audience – There is not much point in providing content that your audience does not care about. So take the time to learn about and understand your customers, and then write things that resonate and are interesting to them.
  • Great Titles – The more interesting and informative a title is, the more likely it will be clicked on. Targeted keywords and phrases are important along with overall phrasing that allows most people to intuitively understand the subject of what they are clicking on.
  • Great Meta Descriptions – Simply put, don’t skimp on the Meta Descriptions. Each one is a valuable opportunity to sell your page to a viewer. Most people click on results based on how well that description explains the content they will view in relation to what they are searching for so learning to be expressive and concise in relation to your content will increase clicks. The title covers the general topic while the meta description helps narrow the focus.
  • Keyword Density – Ideally the keyword density should be about 1.5%. You want to use your main keyword(s) or phrase once in the first paragraph and once in the last paragraph with occasional usage in-between.
  • Utilize Multimedia – There are a lot of great ways to increase interaction with an audience such as using images, infographics, videos or even basic diagrams. On page dynamics can vary and while words along can be wonderful, it can also be nice to mix it up and entice people with visual information in other formats.
  • Optimize Images – Along with ensuring your images load quickly, add your target keyword or keywords to the file name and to the image Alt Text.
  • Add Links – You should look to add internal links to relevant pages within your site along with using outbound links to trust sites that relate to your subject and provide useful information in relation to it. The outbound links add a relevancy signal that Google considers with rankings.
  • Add Social Share Buttons – Every time someone shares your content more people are looking at your content which increases the chance of linking. So, it makes sense to promote the option of sharing next to every piece of content.
  • Go for Top Speed – Google announced that page speed is used as a ranking signal so make sure your pages are loading fast! Anything less than 4 seconds should be considered unacceptable, mainly because most people consider it unacceptable. Page abandonment statistics show that each second of load time increases the abandonment rate.

The bottom line is that good SEO takes effort and while a caveman might not be able to do it, most people can if they take the time to work at it. You haven’t seen this On Page SEO Tips list on Buzzfeed, but now that you have seen it here you can start working on your own SEO to help move your rankings out of the Stone Age and towards the first page.

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