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4 Hot Tips To Recharge Your Social Media Strategy

Social media strategy is becoming more important to businesses as marketing across the growing platforms that the younger demographics regularly use gains more importance. To that end we have 4 hot tips to recharge your social media strategy and help you get ahead of your competitors on the social media scene.

Tips to Recharge your Social Media Strategy

  • Tailor Content for Platform and Device – By this we mean when you post content make sure it is always as consumable as possible based on not only the platform but also the device that your target audience will use to engage with it. For example, if your demographic uses desktops, smartphones and tablets equally and you are posting videos then you certainly want to ensure that the content loads quickly and smoothly and is easily viewed on all three. For platforms understand what, why, where and when people use said platform. On Etsy people want to see new and unique products so you darn well better post content that meets said criteria. There is nothing worse than a business using a platform obviously in the wrong way because it will affect your brand reputation on that platform and possibly elsewhere. Think of channels as branding opportunities rather than simply conversion channels.
  • Focus on Engagement First -You need a good reason as to why a consumer is going to follow you on any social media channel aside from the fact that they like your brand. Why you ask? The simple answer is entertainment. For the most part social media is entertaining and in some cases it is informative. Far too many brands keep trying to shove their products down people’s throats with constant ads; in that case you are using social media to promote yourself. Instead ask yourself, “What content can we create that our target demographic will find engaging?” By focusing on the latter and not the former you can create content people care about, share, pin, push, post, etc. Your branding will still permeate the content which creates brand awareness. Even if you can’t relate the content to your product, what content would your consumers care about?
  • Use Multiple Accounts to Focus a Feed – Some people get stuck in the idea that you can only have one social media account per platform. While it is more work to moderate multiple accounts for each platform, it also gives you a unique opportunity to better focus the point of that feed. For example, sports sites would overwhelm a person if they tried to cover every aspect of sports in a single feed. That is why things are broken down so you can follow feeds on college basketball, MMA, the NBA or even Lacrosse. If your business makes wool for knitting you might have multiple feeds on Instagram based on the different popular methods for knitting such as one focused only on needles while another focuses on looms.
  • Create New Accounts for Testing – One reason why many businesses social media has become so stale is that they are afraid to try something new and risk something going wrong. While that is understandable it is not practical or insurmountable. One of the easiest things to do is create a new account that has a social feed focused on a new idea or type of content you want to test out with your audience. For example, Old Spice has those ridiculous ads with Terry Crews and that guy on the horse. They could try a dedicate channel that is solely about grooming tips and dating advice from the guy on the horse aimed at men ages 20 to 30. If something is not working you can easily retire it while if it is working you can reflect that feed occasionally on your other accounts.

The bottom line is that social media is a great way to engage users and spread brand awareness. Far too many people are just hoping to use social media as a way to send traffic back to a site, which is a nice perk, but ultimately not the best use of those platforms. So consider our 4 hot tips to recharge your social media strategy to help build a larger presence and increase branding which ultimately will help your other marketing efforts.




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