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Have You Considered These 5 Aspects of Mobile App Development?

Making a great app is hard, no two ways about it. There is a lot that goes into it such as having a great idea or unique take on solving an existing problem. But there are also a host of other factors that can affect the success or failure of your product. As one of the more experienced mobile application companies in the game, want to ask if you have considered these 5 aspects of mobile app development for your current project or idea?

If not, you could be overlooking critical factors that might affect the potential of your app.

5 Critical Aspects of Mobile App Development

Obviously an app needs to be designed well with a good user interface, offering users a nice experience while meeting a need or solving a problem for them. Beyond that you should also consider:

  • Drainage – The drain your app, and any other apps or systems it will access on a device to function, places on the processor and battery is a critical aspect to consider when developing an app. Users come in all shapes and sizes with devices of all shapes, ages, sizes and ability to handle process or battery eating apps. Typically those apps that are huge hogs not only get used infrequently but they also can lead to negative reviews because most users dislike apps that are a drain on their device. From a design standpoint your app should be anywhere from average or less on battery drain and processor usage if you want to be successful.
  • Interaction – While we mentioned user interface already, the topic of user interaction goes beyond that. It’s not just the interface, but also the experience and comfort level a user enjoys along with the overall experience being positive and pleasing. There are a lot of things that go into this from intuitive user designs to fluid and natural navigation to a fully tested and 98% bug-free design being released. The expectation needs to be that anytime any user interacts with your product the net end result will be positive, even if it is only 60% positive. While not everyone will love anything, you need to ensure most people like most of the things about your app.
  • Devices and Platforms – There are a lot of options when it comes to Android devices and also quite a few iOS devices out there. It is critical to consider that when designing an app for one or both platforms. In some cases designers have not tested their apps well on multiple devices and find out after the fact of incompatibility issues with some devices for a host of reasons like software compatibility, screen resolution, screen density and more. This can be a killer to your success as not only have you alienated a portion of your market but some of those people will probably leave bad reviews.
  • Ability to Integrate – The most successful apps tend to integrate existing smart phone and tablet device peripherals to their advantage. Sounds, vibrations, location information and more can greatly increase the functionality and ability to craft a more unique user experience. Thinking about the app in this regard is something that needs to be done from early in the design phase so that you can consider any and all ideas to maximize the integration.
  • Security – Security is a hot button topic and with good reason. People want their information safe which includes any info in the app or and app that might allow access to other data on their device or within various profiles. Simply put, you need to get security right from the beginning on your app because any holes or breaches will be as a death knell for your app. This includes simple things like people looking over your shoulder to more invasive wi-fi highjack attempts.

The bottom line is that a great app is hard to make. You have to consider everything, including these 5 aspects of mobile app development, if you want the best chance possible to craft the next big thing. So take the time to plan and test carefully to put your next project in the best position to be successful.

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