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Top Pitfalls To Avoid With Your Next Mobile App


While it is nice to hope that nothing will ever go wrong with a project, life often has other ideas; but in the case of app development we do have a list of the top pitfalls to avoid with your next mobile app to ensure that the common issues are avoided.

You might be thinking, “If they are common, then why would I even have to worry about these pitfalls. Doesn’t everyone know about them?”

While some developers out there with numerous mobile apps under their belts are most certainly aware, there are plenty of people who aren’t. For those looking at creating their first app or looking to hire an agency for that process, it is still better to be informed rather than naïve about the possible problems you might face.

For those that are creating their first app, when things do go wrong it is typically something big that will suck up a lot of time and money to correct.

Top Pitfall to Avoid

  • Not having a Business Plan – It is surprising the number of people that think a good idea will net app gold. Creating a winning app is just like being an inventor; you not only need the idea but you need to be able to market that idea to paying customers. A business plan needs to cover everything from a marketing plan, user acquisition strategy, demographic of target users and understanding what need your product will meet that makes it sellable.
  • Not having a Sticky App – By sticky we mean the type of app that people want or need to use on a regular basis. Apps that aren’t sticky are easy to forget about and delete while ones that are deemed necessary – like the Facebook App or Pandora – are the ones that end up being worth creating. Apps that might be fun once or on a lark are doomed for the discard pile.
  • Not researching Platforms properly – “Oh I’ll just make an app; it doesn’t matter if it is for the iPhone or whatever.” Actually it matters a great deal. There are different costs involved, some apps perform better on one platform versus the other, and there are specific nuances in both the Apple Store and Google Play you need to be aware of. On top of that platform experience is critical for whomever is designing the app so your app isn’t rejected.
  • Not understanding Product Focus – Too many first time people try and do too much with an app. Oh we can do this AND this AND this. Realistically you need to build a product based around one clear problem that you are solving so that you have a clear value proposition. If you have secondary ideas save those for add-ons later.
  • Partnering with an inexperienced developer – Product development in the app industry is built on learned knowledge from being in the trenches. A successful development company will have a proven track record, will be able to optimize delivery of content, have high user engagement and avoid negative reviews. On top of that they will understand the critical nature of testing prior to launch. A good idea is only valuable if it is well executed.

The bottom line is that building successful apps is not easy. If it was then cavemen would be doing it. A great starting point is understanding the top pitfalls to avoid with your next app and then continuing to learn so that you have a good grasp of the entire process from front to back before you dive in. That way your million dollar idea might actually produce a million dollar app rather than being regulated to the last page of the app store.


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