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Top 10 Best Mobile APPS


Who doesn’t love apps? Let’s face it; apps make our phones so much more fun! Bored riding the train? No problem when you have great games or social apps to play with. Maybe you need to up your productivity a few notches; hey, there are apps for that too.

Of course there are thousands of apps out there and honestly some of them suck. However there are also some gems out there that make life easier and in some cases more fun as you pass the time. These are our favorites from this year.

  1. Any.Do – This was a sweet Android App in 2011 and is now available for the iPhone in 2012. This is a productivity app that allows you to create tasks and then complete them with a finger swipe. It has a voice mode to take dictation and you can share lists with other people.
  2. Camera Awesome – Forget Instagram…you can use this sweet app for free to help ‘awesomize’ your photos. You do have to purchase presets and filters, but this camera app will make it pointless to actually ever use a camera again.
  3. Draw Something – It’s like Pictionary for your phone. You draw a picture and the person you are playing with tries to guess it. The game is fun, you can have tons of games going on with lots of people, and honestly it is a bit addictive. You can even play with strangers. Right behind this one is Words with Friends. Really it depends on if you would rather draw or spell.
  4. Angry Birds Space – Uh yeah…it is better than the original. New birds and gravity-based mechanics equal people being instantly hooked into the best title yet. Some people got burned out on the birds, but this version is well worth the addition to your phone library of fun.
  5. N.O.V.A. 3 – First person shooters can be tricky on a phone but Gameloft nailed it. This feels like you are playing on a PSP with lots of areas to roam and the ability to multi-play with friends. You get a lot of bang for the buck with this sweet app and it will easily pass the time on any boring car ride.
  6. Flipboard – This was great for the iPhone in 2011 and is now on the Android for 2012 (thank god). Basically this allows you to read content from third-party publishers and integrates your social information into one sleek app instead of having to open lots of other things.
  7. Google Drive – It’s like Dropbox but on steroids. You can use it on Androids or iOS to easily store and share documents.
  8. Rayman Jungle Run – This sweet side-scrolling game provides entertainment and surprisingly wonderful graphics and gameplay considering that you are on a phone. Hours of entertainment…Rayman style.
  9. Netflix – What you want to watch when you want to watch it. Seriously how can you ever be bored with a TV in your pocket?
  10. Spotify – This is a pretty sweet music app. With a library of over 13 million songs they pretty much have it all. You can even sync the library up to listen offline. It is close with Pandora, but I prefer Spotify.

There are literally hundreds of great apps out there. This is our top 10 based on what we use our phones for, but obviously other people do other things. No worries because more than likely there is a great app out there for whatever it is you like to do such as running, checking the weather, or searching for reviews of places on Yelp.

Apps are just plain cool. It such a wonderful thing that we have the opportunity to get so much out of our phones aside from talking or texting people.

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