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Our Top 5 Mobile App Strategy Tips

The purpose of our Top 5 Mobile App strategy tips is to provide important information for a business to consider when contemplating their next app. Too many apps are downloaded and then abandoned, which is certainly not what is the goal is for any business or developer.

A lot of what makes an app successful has to do more with proper strategy rather than anything else. So without further adieu let’s dive right in!

Top 5 Mobile App Strategy Tips

  • Find a Problem and Solve it – The most important strategy aspect of any app is providing something that solves a problem your target user faces. Games are abundantly easy because they are a cure for boredom. So what will your app solve? You can also look to improve on an existing idea, similar to building a better mousetrap, to solve a problem better than someone else. A key aspect to consider when you are looking at problems to solve is to focus on either a smartphone problem or tablet problem. Smartphones are indispensable and carried with us always while tablets are an alternative to either a smartphone (sometimes) or a laptop/desktop. So make sure when you are looking at that problem you are considering how a user will use your solution and on what device.
  • Focus on the User – Every user is different although you should be able to lump users together into groups based on common data points. Then when you craft the app keep those elements in mind and look to add value to the user by mirroring motivations, assisting with challenges and eliminating irritations. Again, keep the mobile device in mind as well because some things will translate better to the tablet mobile user than the smartphone user and vice versa. For example the Uber app solves a problem for the smartphone user on the go but is essentially less useful, although still used, to the tablet user so the primary user design should be based on a smartphone profile.
  • Create an Experience – Each application needs to provide a great experience because there is simply too much competition in a very crowded app field for them not too. Navigation needs to be short and sweet. Usage needs to be simple and intuitive. Experiences should be personalized by tracking whatever relevant data you can.
  • Provide a Value Proposition – A value proposition is the promise of value to be delivered and is the number one thing that determines if people will care about your product or not. Before you even create your product you need to clearly be able to state how your app will provide benefit, solves a problem, improves their situation and why your product is better than anyone else’s. Your value proposition is what will sell your app and create ongoing revenue, not your initial marketing push. This is an important strategy tip because you need to think about that value from the beginning of the process all the way through to ensure that your app doesn’t become just another abandoned piece of software.
  • Have a Reengagement Plan – Before the first line of code is even written you should have a plan as to how you will be able to reengage your user base. Even if your app is an initial success with a huge number of downloads, how will you keep people frequently using your app? King, the developer behind Candy Crush, has done an incredible job reengaging people with promotions, new levels, offshoot games and other interaction to keep people coming back for more. Much like the value proposition, having ideas ready for re-engagement is important as they need to be part of the plan from the beginning rather than thought about after you app has already lost users and momentum when you are in panic mode.

If you are looking for a boost to your next app project, look no further than our Top 5 Mobile App strategy tips.




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