iOS developer new york

Do you want to know the top 5 places to find an iOS developer in New York? This is a question that gets posed to us a lot, or at least something similar; “Where can I find good iOS or Android developers?”

While we have found talent many different ways, we wanted to share our top five with you. This should be a useful list if you have a project that needs a developer or you are looking to subcontract out some of your work.

Local Meetups – In almost every city there are groups meeting regularly given different focuses from development to tattoos. It is just a matter of finding your group along with where they meet.

Popular Developers – Some developers have gained fame early and now because of this are constantly offered more work than they can handle. What is the result? Some have created a network of trusted professionals that they can pass work on to.

Specific Project Sites – There are some unique sites out there built to solve the problem of matching developers to clients. The drawback here is that it is hard to find good developers not already working and also hard to find clients willing to pay a normal development fee.

Developer Conferences – There are all sorts of conferences throughout the year that cover the entire range of software development. Who goes to these events? Professional developers do of course!

Right Here – Not to too our own horn too much, but Lounge Lizard is an iOS developer who has created a number of apps along with our rich history of creating award-winning websites. With offices in New York and Long Island, we are a great place to find an iOS developer in New York.