iOS app developer new york

How should you go about hiring an iOS app developer in New York or the right development team for your project? That is a good question as regardless of how great of an idea you have for an app; without a talented developer or development team to build it, it is just an idea.

Check your network

One problem with hiring new people is the ‘unknown’ factor. Ideally you want someone who is competent, reliable and professional but these qualities are usually only apparent after developing a working relationship.

While you might not know an app developer, more than likely someone in your network does or has enough knowledge to let you know if the people you are vetting are the real deal.

Check the community

There are plenty of open source communities where developers can connect, collaborate and help each other with problems. These communities often offer a chance at peer review which allows you as a consumer to see how other developers rate their contributions.

This allows you to see who is active and well rated. Peer recognition should be a strong indicator of ability.

Look at web developers

Many web development companies, like Lounge Lizard, have expanded to include app development including iOS development. It is a natural progression in many ways from designing intricate and amazing designs that combine a high level of functionality with an intuitive user interface.

Developers like Lounge Lizard understood early on that web clients might also benefit from an app to better meet clients’ needs. Taking an existing track record of hard work and award-winning design combined with great reviews and a strong portfolio has allowed them to transition into development for both iOS and Android apps along with still providing web design.

More than likely a top iOS app developer in New York will be like Lounge Lizard, an experienced company with a proven track record of helping customers reach business goals.