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How do you choose the right concept for an app?

One of the big rules in app creation is having a concept or idea behind the app that people would want to utilize. The app has to have a purpose, functionality if you will, that people will find useful enough to make them want to download and then use it.

Let’s look at what SpidFit has done with their new app, Walkination, as a great example of picking the right concept. Their new app falls into the fitness category, but unlike many of the other cardio apps on the market that have targeted runners, SpidFit has targeted walkers which is a very big demographic.

Who walks? Everyone does from young to old including pregnant mothers, retirees and couples. That is a large pool of potential customers to work with. The next step is the actual app itself and making it fit that demographic. In this case SpidFit hired Lounge Lizard, an award winning Design Company to bring their idea to life.

The Walkination app was designed to make walking more fun by adding accomplishments, challenges and a competitive aspect that utilizes the more social aspect that many applications have found to work well. The Walkination app tracks each step as you go, every time you walk. Then, by connecting with friends that also use the app you can compete against them. This style of friendly competition helps with motivation for people that might not walk by themselves.

There are also mini-challenges that a person can take on along with milestones that can be passed, each earning rewards of various types that help reinforce the positive aspect of exercise and becoming healthier.

All in all what SpidFit has created is a great concept that they will be transforming into an app. They identified a need within a large target audience and then made something fun, social and interactive.

So can you pick the right concept like SpidFit did with their Walkination app?

  1. Identify a need – You need to find a niche that hasn’t been overdone already. For example, there are a lot of sports trackers, heart monitor and running apps on the market already so that niche was fairly full.
  2. Identify the demographic – Who needs this app? Who will use it? The idea is then to tailor the app to that demographic in a way they find enjoyable. That includes theme and ease-of-use.
  3. Find someone to make it – Unless you know how to create and launch an app yourself, including fixing bugs, you want to hire a professional firm that knows the ins and outs of the business.


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