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Why Your Mobile App Release Notes Aren’t As Good As The Competition

Let’s be honest here; writing mobile app release notes is probably one of the more boring aspects of the app release or update process. However that doesn’t have to be the case. Some of the top mobile application companies take the time to go above and beyond, crafting something truly special rather than a bland, boring note. Today we will share some tips and ideas that will help elevate your note game because more than likely right now your Mobile App Release notes aren’t as good as the competition.

Why does it matter?

Who cares? These are just mobile app release notes we are talking about, right? Heck, most people don’t even bother to read those. Or do they?

Maybe most people just aren’t reading your release notes because you haven’t yet learned how to craft something both informative and engaging that helps sell your app to users browsing the app stores.

Release notes offer a unique opportunity to both inform and educate users while also driving engagement and increasing downloads. Think of them like a trailer to a movie; it is something that teases and entices a viewer without showing the whole plot, but doing enough to spark interest.

Tips for crafting good mobile app release notes

  • Use a standard format – Much like a good blog you should be using headlines, bullet-point summaries and even sub-bullets. Headlines should be in all capitals and you can use other characters to help highlight the title like a hashtag or equals sign. Include some creativity to make yourself including using different styles of bullets. Breakdown sections with headers like Bug Fixes, Improvements, etc. Then after figuring out the format you like best, consistently use it for all of your notes.
  • Talk to everyone – Often someone is tasked with writing all of the release notes; however they might not have been involved in the entire process or even at all. Fill the gaps by taking the time to talk with coders and developers to make sure you have all the important information about this release that should be shared.
  • Start with a summary – Keep it short and sweet to begin with. You will go into more detail later, but at first you need to deliver information like a news reporter with a strong headline followed by some basic facts. For example you might say, “Fixed a bug that caused crashes and disconnects during game tournaments. Added improvements to the lobby.” That way people who like to skim get what they want with more meat on the bone further down for people who want more.
  • Have fun with details – Why do updates need to be boring? Take the time to craft a story or even make your details like an adventure! Develop a personality that fits your app and have fun with how you discuss fixes and changes.
  • Keep major releases fresh – For the few updates after a major release, make sure to include the major release notes with, but beneath the new notes. This reminds people of all the great changes you made recently.
  • Use good spacing – Continuous text can be hard to digest. Along with title and bullet points make sure to add spacing between sections so people can clearly see information with that beautiful open space acting as a divider.
  • Brag about upcoming items – If you have other things in the works, talk about them. Coming soon…we are working on a few more improvements so stay tuned!
  • Add a feedback signoff – You should always close with some sort of standard signoff and within that make sure to mention how people can contact you for feedback. “Thanks for helping us make our app great! If you have any ideas or suggestions how we can make it even better please join our community and share your ideas at or email us at [email protected]
  • Re-use your notes – After you have finished your release notes and have them in the app store, make sure to get more use from them! Add them to the What’s New section on your website, share key points on your social media accounts, or even link them internally on the app itself.

The bottom line is that you should be looking to maximize every edge you can in the mobile application business. If your mobile app release notes aren’t as good as the competition, then take our tips to heart and work to develop a consistent and interesting format that will engage your audience. Never settle for just doing something that gets the job done; do something that wows your audience.

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