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Is Blog Commenting A Good Way To Grow Website Traffic?

If you aren’t actively looking for ways to grow your website traffic then you must be one of the lucky few who have all the traffic they can handle and then some. For the rest of us, it is important to check under every rock for ways to boost traffic. This brings us to today’s topic about if Blog Commenting is a good way to grow website traffic.

Some of the top web development companies have kept this little gem to themselves rather than share the wealth, but we are of the mind that knowledge should be shared.

What is Blog Commenting?

The answer is fairly simple; it is when you join the conversation in the comments section of a blog. Most blogs have the comments option available so that readers can comment on what they have read, ask a question, or perhaps even voice a new idea for discussion with both other readers and the initial poster or blog moderator.

Generally speaking people who post blogs like comments because it can create buzz for a post.

Okay, but why would I want to comment on a blog?

In regards to growing website traffic the purpose of commenting is to interest or intrigue both readers and the blog owner with your insights, comments and the information you provide. If you are able to do this properly then readers might view you as an expert or authority on the subject and in their quest to learn more about you, will find their way back to your site.

Viola! You have just created a potential new stream of traffic.

Rules for Blog Commenting

While there are no “official” rules for commenting on blogs, we have a few “unofficial” rules that should be considered if you want to be viewed properly.

  • Meaningful Comments – Unless you have something useful to add to the conversation, don’t post a comment on a blog. The idea behind this method of gaining traffic is to provide useful, interesting, insightful or thought provoking comments that add to or enhance the conversation. Simply saying, “nice article” or agreeing with someone else’s comment does not serve this purpose. Speak only when necessary and for impact.
  • High Readership – When looking for blogs to comment on you want ones that have a lot of social traffic as in they have been liked, shared, tweeted about etc. The more people reading the blog equals more potential people that could read your comments.
  • Share the Blog – If you are going to comment on a blog make sure you promote it as well. That way people in your circles have a chance to notice your authority in other areas. Plus added readership for the original poster is polite as a form of tit-for-tat for the traffic you are trying to obtain from their post.
  • Link Selectively – Your goal should not be to drop a link to your own site whenever you comment. This is basically spam commenting and a good way to get yourself blocked. Instead you need to link to a relevant post on your site that speaks to the conversation and point you are making in the comment. If you post under your full name you should be easy enough to find on LinkedIn or under your author profile.

The bottom line is that blog commenting is a good way to grow website traffic when done properly. It is a great technique to showcase knowledge and authority. As an added bonus when you read more blogs looking for commenting opportunity you open yourself up to learning more about a subject including how other’s consider them which is always useful because knowledge is power. Of course added website traffic doesn’t hurt either!

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