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What Are The Best Types Of Content For SEO?

By now you probably have heard that “Content is King” about a million times when talking about SEO, but what exactly does that mean? After all there are a lot of types of content available to use to help promote your business. As an experienced web development company we wanted to weigh in on what are the best types of content for SEO along with why we think that is the case.

Generally speaking any well crafted, original content is going to have a positive impact on your SEO efforts; however the truth is that some mediums work better than others especially when you consider things from a situational aspect.

Part of this process involves deciding who is searching for what before you create the content. For example, if you want a quick answer for a question then ideally the content won’t be a 20 page manual while people that are looking for detailed information about a process won’t want a 300 word blog.

Top Types of SEO Content

  • Blog Posts – Always a top choice because of the versatility blog posts are often the all purpose alternative people choose. They are great for a regularly occurring source of SEO mixing in variable keywords while also showcasing authority. These are great for search terms centered around virtually anything where you provide a broad overview, quick answers or even specific information.
  • Lists – Another popular choice because of how easily digestible they are. Typically lists are short and to the point with information. They share very well but ideally are best for quick answers to questions or things people might be curious about with links to more in-depth information.
  • Videos – Videos are a very popular choice for content because you can do a lot with them from hosting a seminar, creating movie-like scenarios, offering visual demonstrations and more. Similar to blog posts videos are a multi-use medium great for deep discussions or broad discussions.
  • Photos – This includes both single photos and galleries and they rank very well because the visual element is very popular to “see” something like sales photos, locations or comparisons. Really they are best for quick hitting, simple information.
  • Guides – This is a very in-depth type of content that covers everything from step-by-step instructions to detailed how-to manuals. You only want these for topics that are multi-layered and take time to fully get into.
  • Infographics – An upgrade over photos, an infographic is like a combination of lists and photos because it has a visual element and offers easily digestible information. So these are great for quick answers, general overviews and comparisons of information.
  • Articles – There might be some confusion about this type of content since we already have blogs and guides. An article is much more in-depth than a blog but has more focus in regards to topic than a guide. Think of something that you would read in a magazine like Newsweek that has a specific point and often includes visuals to help support it.

You need to put yourself into the shoes of the person doing the search for specific keywords and try and ascertain how much information they want or expect in response to the search query. Then it is a matter of matching that expectation with the content you generate.

The bottom line is that content is still king, but the power that king will possess can vary. Understanding what the best types of content are for SEO given a certain situation will help you get more out of the content and ensure its reign is a good one. Long live the king!

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