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3 Easy Ways To Increase Conversions On Your Website

Getting people to your website is just one of the battles; earning conversions is what wins the war. Top website development companies know that some of the simplest changes can yield the biggest results like these 3 easy ways to increase conversions on your website.

You have to be proactive in today’s ultra-competitive market if you want to succeed as you can bet one or more of your competitors certainly are. So what are some straightforward, yet highly effective things you can do?

Ways to Increase Conversions

  • General CTA Placement – The placement of your call-to-actions (CTAs) are directly related to your conversion and yet far too many websites feature them in the wrong spots. While placing them above the fold is generally a good idea, even more beneficial is placing them in direct line of natural eye tracking. Studies have been done that show the pattern people’s eyes track when reading a webpage which most of the time are in the shape of an “F”. So that means ideally you want to place your most important information on the top line of the “F”, the left hand side of the page and then the second, shorter line of the “F”. Typically the navigation bar holds the top line which means a CTA should either be at end of that line, down the left side, or along the line of the shorter line of the “F”.
  • Anchor Text CTA’s – Anchor Text CTA’s are when in the middle of an article you place a specific offer line, typically in a slightly different shade and size, that is linked. For example, we might add Learn great tips to Increase Website Conversion by Downloading our Free Guide. This is not something you can easily overlook as it is designed to stand out, but at the same time it is subtle enough to not be annoying. Plus, anchor text CTA’s can easily be added into older posts to promote something new as long as it is relatable to get more use out of older posts.
  • Responsible Pop-ups – Generally speaking people dislike pop-ups but that has more to do with how they are generally used which is often intrusive and annoying. Instead, utilize this functionality in a helpful way. For example, when new customers are shopping on your site and they have been on a particular page for a certain period of time a pop-up window that offers something like “Free Shipping on your first order with this coupon” or something similar is a helpful pop-up. It adds value to the situation while also helping nudge towards a conversion. You can also add pop-ups to the bottom of a page when a person gets past a certain scroll point and it is obvious they are engaged with the content. By adding it at the bottom, it still does not get in the way, but simply adds something to the experience with an additional CTA.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that if conversions drive business on your website, you need to do anything and everything you can to help increase them. These 3 easy ways to increase conversions on your website are a great starting point to help boost your overall numbers which then helps your bottom line.

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