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Should You Be Using Audio Branding?

Branding is extremely important to your business because it helps consumers recognize and remember a product or service. It can help you connect to customers on an emotional level when done properly. Should you be using audio branding as part of your overall strategy? Top web development companies understand the power of branding and audio is just one more layer of a successful strategy and is something you should consider if you haven’t already.

The Power of Branding

Generally speaking the purpose of a brand is to help increase sales. Your brand is what helps separate you from other competitors and similar businesses. It helps consumers recognize you at a glance based on your logo, color schemes and more; connecting emotionally based on your promises and reputation.

Branding is extremely powerful when done properly as it can create trust, support advertising, help with new customer acquisition, inspires employees, and can help build financial value with your business. When everything is working together your brand is representing and selling your business.

On the flip side, when your brand is tarnished in some way such as from poor customer service, reviews or experiences it can cause a loss of revenue.

What is Audio Branding?

Music of any type from well known songs to jingles to even simple tone melodies can connect to us emotionally. The reaction varies depending on who we are and our experiences. Music can create happiness, anger, sadness or even provide inspiration.

For example, some people find the song “Chariots of Fire” very moving and inspiring. For other people “Eye of the Tiger” might get them fired up. “Someone Like You” by Adele might make you feel sad while “Happy” certainly provides a pick-me-up.

The term audio branding is when you combine some form of music, song or sound with your business as a way to express your brand. For example, NBC has the classic Nightly News Theme Song or the “Dunn dun” sound that goes with the Law and Order television show. You hear those and instantly associate to the brand. The iconic Darth Vader breathing would be another great example or the Pillsbury Doughboy giggle.

The concept is to create a musical signature of sorts that consumers quickly and easily associate with your brand.

Why should you use it?

There are a few key reasons to consider audio branding:

  • Memorable brand identity – Signature music or sounds are very recognizable and memorable. By creating something unique and attaching it to your brand you will be more likely to earn recognition and remembrance from consumers.
  • Emotional reaction – By using the right type of music or sound you can then help create an emotional reaction with people such as excitement, happiness or even sadness. For example, when men hear the theme music for Fox NFL Football the result is often excitement or anticipation if they are a football fan. Of course of late since they started using the same theme for baseball there is now also some confusion.
  • Sets the mood – In brick and mortar locations music can help set the proper mood. While around the holiday most stores play holiday themed music, gentle music that relaxes might be an even better choice as it inspires relaxation and a slower pace to browse to. For many, now holiday music later in the month of December is a reminder of things they haven’t yet done and can cause anxiety.
  • Brand loyalty – Just like the other aspects of a brand, audio branding can inspire greater loyalty if you select music that fits your brand values when it resonates with consumers. Conversely the wrong type of music might alienate consumers. For example, some stores that focus on more of a Goth or Alternative audience will often blast music only their core customers will like which then alienates the casual shopper.

The bottom line

Should you be using audio branding? The bottom line is that you should do anything and everything that helps your business, legally that is. The proper use of audio branding could positively affect your customers’ perception and attitude towards your brand and there is a good chance that one or more of your competitors are building a stronger brand identity via audio. From our perspective it is another layer to add to your overall branding strategy to ensure your brand is memorable and easily recognizable.

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