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How Can You Improve Your Mobile Revenue?

Making money is what the game of business is all about. With mobile devices being the top choice for doing everything from watching videos, to reading news, to making purchases online it makes sense to focus your marketing efforts in that direction. So how can you improve your mobile revenue? As a web design firm that is also a mobile application development company, we have a lot of experience helping customers create revenue on mobile devices and today we wanted to share some of our top tips.

Anything and everything you can do (legally of course) to increase your mobile revenue should be considered because you are working hard for it. Plus, if your competitors are doing things that you aren’t then they are much more likely to profit than you are.

Top Tips to Improve Mobile Revenue

  • Create Trust – One of the most powerful things a business can do is to foster trust between them and their customers. If you earn a customer’s trust then you earn their business often along with recommendations to others. How can this easily be accomplished? For both websites and apps the key is being straightforward and honest with your value proposition and then focus on the customer’s experience. UX and honesty are both key components of earning trust in today’s digital world.
  • Test Everything – One of the most common faults we find in the business world is a lack of testing prior to making changes on everything from websites to apps to even the font you use for your business. People mistakenly assume that their clients will see something the same way they do or that what they decide to change is the better option to help increase revenue. A/B testing is an incredibly valuable and underused tool that can help not only putting the wrong change in place, but also to put the best change in place. Even the smallest difference between a good versus a great choice is often directly related to earned revenue so start testing and re-testing to help optimize your business and revenue stream. Always make sure your testing includes using mobile devices to properly look at things as emulators aren’t always the same.
  • Create Urgency – We live in a busy world and in a time of shorter attention spans. The combination can prove deadly to even the most experienced marketer unless you attack the combination properly. Your weapon of choice? Urgency! You need to make sure there is some reason they need to visit your site or app now versus waiting and that they need to get started walking down your sales funnel towards your end goal. If you can’t foster some level of urgency then you will miss out on some revenue for those people who think, “I will just do this later,” but later never comes because they became distracted or had something more important to do.
  • Aim for High Engagement – The more engagement you have, the more revenue you will earn. Regardless of a website or app, the more time a customer is there, the higher the chance they will perform your end desired action, such as making a purchase. Review analytics with a critical eye looking at every instance where users jump ship. Test aspects to help increase engagement and work on strategies to keep people coming back and staying.
  • Remove Signups – Signups are like playing Russian roulette with a few bullets in the chamber. While some people will stay and play the game, plenty will be scared off by the need to provide some unknown entity with any shred of personal information before a relationship has been established and trust has been earned. Instead let people complete actions as a guest but ensure that they can sign up any time they want. Why risk losing revenue by scaring off people before they have a chance to get to know you?

The bottom line is that your business’s bottom line is very important to you and your employees. Doing everything you can to improve your mobile revenue makes sense especially when you consider that people are using mobile for just about everything these days.

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