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4 Tips For Creating A Successful Digital Transformation

The concept of a digital transformation is important for those businesses that need to transition into the digital age. While many businesses may want to transform, it can be difficult to understand how best to effectively utilize digital technologies and craft a plan to take advantage of all that technology has to offer. In our work as a website development company, we have come across 4 tips for creating a successful Digital Transformation that can help any business that is looking to transform how they operate to be where their customers want and need them the most.

Why digital transformation?

As technology morphs and advances there is also a corresponding evolution with customer demand and expectations that can be felt in virtually every industry. It is because of what our customers expect along with where customers want to interact with us and how they want to interact with us that explains why digital transformation is necessary.

Generally speaking the concept of digital transformation is changing your existing tools, organization and even mindset to embrace current technologies in every stage of business. This can often lead to creativity and innovation in how you go about business rather than just providing a slight upgrade or enhancement to what you currently do.

There are a lot of examples out there of companies that have transformed, embracing technology to not only change what they are doing from a business perspective but also creating innovation in how something can be done. Amazon is a perfect example starting a business online that before was typically a brick and mortar operation in selling books. Then, as the business evolved it has now become the gold standard for an online store that sells just about anything.

There are other examples from Netflix to Dominos to National Geographic who have all embraced digital transformation as a way to survive and thrive as leaders in their perspective niches.

4 Tips for Digital Transformation

The reason this is an important topic is that far too many businesses either get stuck trying to transform or fail at it which in both cases can be bad for business.

  • Develop a Strategy – Everything starts with a good plan, including digital transformation. As this is a tall order, redefining how your resources will be used over the next handful of years, it is important to have a clearly crafted plan in place. You want a map that covers all of the exits from cloud computing to social media to online marketing to content. That way at every step you know what you should be doing along with having anticipated pitfalls and problems that could occur before they happen.
  • Get People on Board – While some people freely embrace change, many do not. It is an important step in the process to get your employees on board with what will be happening because the changes that will take place directly affect how they do their jobs and also involves learning new processes and procedures. So you need to help everyone accept and embrace the idea along with offering training and understanding as you all work together to transform the business.
  • Prepare for Disruption – Consider digital transformation like replacing a two lane road with a six lane highway complete with overpasses, metered on-ramps and a carpool lane. You are effectively changing a lot of things at once which can be disruptive on many levels. Often through this change you are forced to rethink how you do business, why you are doing what you are doing, and even gain ideas and insights into new ways to do business. As you work on the strategy for transformation keep this in mind and then use the disruption as a positive way to enhance the future of your business.
  • Transform Gradually – This is not a quick weekend project where you slap in a few new serves and update some software. Digital transformation is a big process and should be done gradually in phases. Remember, it’s not just the technology that is changing but also the processes themselves as you integrate that technology. Many businesses have failed with transformation because they tried to move to quickly and created too much change which then resulted in chaos rather than adaptation.

The bottom line is that we are in a digital age and if your company is not moving towards joining that age then it might be headed for extinction. These 4 tips for creating a successful digital transformation can help you get started on taking the next step in your businesses evolution and ensure that you are able to transform successfully.

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