The Best Lead Generation Ideas You Should Be Using

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Updated on: August 23rd, 2022Sharon Sexton6 min read
The best lead generation ideas you should be using

Generating leads is a basic part of how many of us do business. The lead is the starting point for something we all need to survive; the conversion! As a mobile app developer and web design company we have learned a lot about this topic and today we wanted to share the Best Lead Generation Ideas you should be using if you want to maximize your results.

Just like you can’t put the cart before the horse, unless you want to pull the cart yourself, you can’t always prioritize obtaining conversions until you have a steady supply of leads. These ideas can help you with that and regardless of your industry; this list includes a little something for everyone unless you were hoping for paid advertising options.

Top Lead Generation Ideas

  • Use Contact CTA’s – Make sure you have contact point calls-to-action! You need a CTA that helps push people towards providing their name and email address. This means on your site, on your newsletters and anywhere else that you connect with people.
  • Create a Blog – Blogs are all the rage for good reason; they can be very effective! Not only do they help establish you as a voice of experience and knowledge but they also can add value to your target audience’s lives with education, problem solving and more. Earning trust from potential clients can make them repeat visitors which are just a step away from a conversion.
  • Craft Query Driven Content – Content that is related to what people are searching for is worth its’ weight in gold when done right. Find out what the top keywords and phrases are that people search for and then craft content to solve those needs in your niche! This will help people come to you to fill their needs.
  • Network Everywhere – Conferences, local service clubs you are part of, the local Chamber of Commerce or industry events are all great places to reach out and say “hi”. The more people you meet equals more opportunity to spread out into other networks full of potential customers. You can also connect with influencers who might be able to help promote your products or services.
  • Guest Blog – Guest blogging on other sites allows you to showcase your expertise to a whole new audience and gain exposure. Typically you can earn a backlink to your site along with the exposure.
  • Use Guest Bloggers – By the same token, allowing Guest Bloggers to use your site is a great way to then connect with someone who has influence themselves. They get a backlink and often are paid a small amount while you get a good article that the blogger will typically share elsewhere which opens the door to people visiting your site from the shares.
  • Create an Affiliate Program – An affiliate program is a great idea for someone who wants people to promote and sell for them without actually paying people. Really it is a way to find people that want you to succeed so they can succeed with whatever incentives you are offering. They get paid for conversions which makes this a win-win for lead generation.
  • Create a Promo Video – Video is always a nice change of pace medium and a promo video is a quick, easy way to introduce you and your business to people. This is who we are and this is what we are about in video format adds a personal connection that text can’t convey. You can even use a promo video as a launching pad to a video series.
  • Increase Trust – People have a tendency to go with someone they trust, especially online. So fostering trust on your website is very important. Things like security seals from Norton or McAfee, an accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, policies that confirm you won’t share customer information, Trusted Partner associations and the like can go a long way to establish this.
  • Use Testimonials – Testimonials and reviews not only help convert customers but they also add trust to your site. The easiest way to obtain these is to ask. Turn that positive feedback into another way to help generate leads and drive conversions!
  • Use Social Proof – Social proof is a very powerful concept where people flock to what others are doing or liking. When you see a video has 100 million views there is a much better chance you will watch it than a video with 1 view because there is proof that it must have something special about it. So add social proof to your website that denotes the high number of sales or satisfied customers that you have all from signing up!

The bottom line is that lead generation is important for most businesses. This list of the best lead generation ideas you should be using provides some useful ideas that have worked well for numerous clients in a variety of industries and can definitely help you up your lead generation game.

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Published on: December 9th, 2016
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The Best Lead Generation Ideas You Should Be Using
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