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Top Email Marketing Tips for Higher Engagement

Email marketing is still a very viable type of advertising. It can drive traffic and increase customer engagement, but only when people are opening and reading those emails. Therein lies the rub as most of us are inundated with dozens of emails per day which we don’t even bother opening. As a top digital marketing firm that provides email marketing management services, we understand the challenges this type of advertising faces. Today we wanted to share some of our favorite email marketing tips for higher engagement.

After all, if people aren’t bothering to open the door after you ring the bell, how will they ever know all the wonderful things you have to offer?

Email Marketing Tips for Higher Engagement

  • Use a great subject line – Subject lines should be the top focus of any email when it comes to marketing. They really need to stand out from the crowd if you expect people to not only see them in a crowded email box but then want to open them. Creativity and enthusiasm are a must along with at least one highlight or key point of your email. For example, when sending out a promotional email with a great coupon, that coupon needs to be mentioned in the subject line. Try and write a half-a-dozen subject lines for any email marketing campaign and then test them either with a focus group or co-workers.
  • Follow critical subject line rules – We covered the topic of subject lines earlier this year. You can read the full blog article here. It is worth the read as we cover the right words to use in a subject line, words to avoid, character limit, use of Title Case, and how emojis can benefit a subject line.
  • Get personalPersonalization has been shown to affect all aspects of marketing because it builds relationships and makes customers feel valued. If possible, include the name of the customer within the email and the subject line. For example, “Brian – you don’t want to miss out on this limited time offer on our best tech gadgets!”
  • Utilize limited-time offers – How often will you open an offer that states “limited time” in the subject line? The concept of FOMO, or fear of missing out, is a very useful technique in marketing. But it should be used sparingly. People don’t want to miss out on an experience that they might regret later. Limited time offers tap into that concept because there adds a need to understand what the offer is and when it will expire almost before deciding if the offer is useful. If you overuse the technique, consumers catch on and will ignore those emails.
  • Experiment with video thumbnails – In-email video playback is prevented by most email providers, however, that should not stop you from including video thumbnails in your emails. People consume video content quickly and more easily than any other type. Therefore, it makes sense to include that as an option within your emails. To do this, include a linkable image with a “play” button that links to your website where the actual video will be. The video can just recap or expand upon the meat of the email offers.
  • Include auto-welcome emails – Welcome emails are a proven method for increasing engagement. They should be sent automatically as part of the sign-up or opt-in process. Personalization should be used along with a strong call-to-action. Including some sort of welcome promotion or discount can also spark engagement. This email should be tested vigorously prior to implementation as you only get one chance for that first impression.
  • Provide value – Customers appreciate getting value and that doesn’t always come from sales-related correspondence. A good marketing technique is to include regular emails to customers that provide value in some manner. For example, if you are an auto parts chain you should mix in articles on how to change your oil at home or other DYI repairs anyone can do. Providing information and resources showcases your expertise in a field and shows your brand is about more than just pushing product. This can increase open rates as customers know you provide more than just ad emails.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that email marketing is a staple of a well-rounded marketing plan. Our top email marketing tips for higher engagement are proven techniques that will earn higher open rates and increase conversions.


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