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Tips For Getting Your App To Rank With Google Mobile

Promoting your app is just about as important as building it if your goal is massive downloads and lots of revenue. That is why today we wanted to share some tips for getting your app to rank with Google mobile. While a lot of app design companies just focus on having a good presentation in the app store, we feel that you should take advantage of every opportunity to promote the app you worked so hard to build.

While Google does have Google Play as a way to find apps, you can also find them through their search engine. This offers a unique opportunity to get your app discovered that many other people are not taking advantage of.

Tips for Ranking on Mobile Search

The goal is to appear in the app pack on mobile searches. The app pack is up to six apps that will appear at the top of a mobile search if there are apps that match the query in Google Play. Here are tips to optimize your app to get into this club:

  • Optimize Keywords for Search Engines – Think about how people will search on a mobile device and plan your keywords around that concept, much like we have started to so for website SEO. What does your app do? That is what people will be searching for like ‘poker app’ or ‘texas holdem app’.
  • Include App Keywords – The word app should be included in your keywords if possible because people searching on Google probably will include that word in their search string. The name of the OS you are using can also be a helpful keyword to include.
  • Optimize the Title like a Title Tag – The title of your app is very important for search purposes. You should try and optimize the title just like a title tag for a webpage that is also somewhat branded. You need to think a bit outside the box sometimes as there are character limits but with some thought it can be done.
  • Get Great Reviews – Great reviews always help drive your SEO. Ideally your app will generate reviews on its own but if not or for new apps, consider a marketing campaign that focuses on obtaining good reviews from customers to help your rankings. You want to encourage keywords to be included in reviews if possible to also help with your rankings.
  • Great Icon – The app pack shows like a mini Google Play so you want to have a great icon for your app in the store. Of course this should be a goal for proper app store optimization, but an eye-catching icon will help your app stand out in the app six-pack.

The bottom line is that creating an app is only part of the battle. You also need people to find and download your app if you want to turn a profit on it. Our tips for getting your app to rank with Google mobile combined with a little time and effort can help with that.

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