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A Simple Technique To Improve Mobile App Development

What if we could provide you with one simple technique to improve mobile app development? Would you be interested in hearing it? If you are like most mobile app developers then you certainly would. In a hyper-competitive field you need to take advantage of every technique and tool available to you if you want to be successful.

Mobile app developers, much like other people in the developer world, often use data to help them make decisions. Usage statistics, A/B testing and analytics are regularly reviewed and considered before, during and after development. But is there a key data point you are not considering?

Meeting the needs of the market

A classic concept in business is that you need to provide a product or service that fills a want or need in your market. When we are developing a mobile app, ideally you want to ensure that your app is providing value to the users by meeting some want or need.

So how can you best do that? Data should be a key factor at this stage because along with a good idea you want data to help you fill out your concept.

If you are developing an app in an existing niche then you have access to an important data set that many people do not regularly mine; reviews of all of the apps within that niche. Existing app reviews from both users and journalists will provide you with a bounty of great information using both the best and worst apps in that niche.

Reviewing the reviews

Let’s imagine that we are creating a new game app. We have some strong concept ideas in place and are working our way through the development phases. This is the perfect point to look at the existing market and really delve into what is already out there.

After looking at the top downloaded apps similar to what we are working on we have a combination of customer reviews from the app store and we have also searched for app reviews articles on the internet that talk about both the good and bad aspects.

This information can be pure gold.

For example, if you find that the majority of reviews show that a feature like daily rewards are extremely popular then it should be something you strongly consider. If people are taking the time to mention it, that means it has some importance. On the flip side, if the largest complaint people have is the rate at which pop up ads appear then that should be considered for your revenue piece.

Right there you have two key pieces of information that you can then add into your development. These golden nuggets can also lead to new ideas that you hadn’t previously had such as changing that way you considered or valued a feature or function. You might even read about features people wish games had more of or were developed better than they are.

This additional information helps you better allocate resources and time as a result of the existing markets preferences.

The bottom line

The bottom line is the mobile app game is not an easy business to find success in. This simple technique to improve mobile app development allows you a way to uncover aspects users don’t enjoy or want to see while helping you focus on aspects they like or want. By doing this, you will increase your chances of crafting the next big hit.

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