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The Top Digital Marketing Myths of 2019

Misinformation is rampant on the internet, especially regarding digital marketing. It can be very difficult for businesses to know what they should believe or how to craft an effective strategy. As a top digital marketing firm, we wanted to do our part when it comes to the amount of erroneous disinformation online. That is why we are providing our list of the Top Digital Marketing Myths of 2019.

The rise of the internet has given the world many benefits, but also many issues, chiefly among them being disinformation. We are at an all-time high for disinformation simply because people are willing to spread rumors just as easily as fact-based information. Not everything online is from a reputable expert nor is everything posts fact-based. That is why all of us should be responsible for posting accurate, useful information.

To that end, here are the most common things we have seen posted about digital marketing that is just flat out wrong.

Top Digital Marketing Myths of 2019

  • More is better – When it comes to digital marketing, more is not always better. Too much content typically lessens the overall quality of that content. Content needs to provide value and be relevant to an audience. Once an audience understands your content is just focused on keywords or ads (we are looking at you IcePop), they will tune out your content as noise. The same rule goes for social media posting. You shouldn’t post constantly and fill up feeds just to post – providing value and with a purpose, not pushing product – is the goal.
  • SEO doesn’t matter – The variations about the importance of SEO, from SEO is dead to SEO is pointless, have circulated for the past decade. This honestly feels more like a myth, based around having a talking point. We have developed a society where having an opinion and broadcasting it loudly, regardless of its validity, has become a job. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The key part of the name is optimization which means – the action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource. What SEO has and will do is evolved, in correlation with the evolution of search engines. The value of SEO will continue to be high because that is how we connect the information to users. Search engines need to be able to crawl, interpret, and understand the content so it can be categorized properly. This task is accomplished more easily when you optimize a website, content, etc. using current SEO techniques.
  • Nobody uses Facebook – Someone might want to tell the folks over at Facebook that. While there has been plenty of negative news surrounding the social media behemoth, they are still the largest player in the game by far. Plenty of people use Facebook, therefore it is unwise to tune them out simply based on a myth. A business should still have a regular presence on the network. While other networks might fit a target customer demographic better, that doesn’t mean a business should abandon the goliath. It is never smart to put all of your eggs in one basket, and you should keep at least one incubating with Facebook.
  • Digital Marketing is slow – Compared to what? This is such an interesting myth because it is something that is not easy to measure or quantify in today’s diverse marketplace. Yes, admittedly some aspects of digital marketing take time to develop, such as content marketing. However, others, such as paid channels that can provide an immediate boost to traffic and awareness. Not everything can be completed immediately in the world. Older-style marketing faced the same issues. If you wanted a television commercial, aside from finding the right station and negotiating a contract, you still had to write, shoot, and produce the commercial. Now you can just go live on one of many outlets. While some aspects of digital marketing are slow, others are very fast, just like most industries.
  • Anyone can do it – This myth is slowly dying at, simply because digital marketing has become much more complex. A few years ago, the person running social media or digital marketing was typically someone younger who knew how to use social media and had experience marketing online. The fact is, digital marketing has become very intricate from marketing and sales automation to PPC management to influencer marketing. If a business wants to be successful and get the maximum return on investment for digital marketing, having experience is important.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that myths have been a part of our culture as long as the written word. When it comes to the top digital marketing myths of 2019, every business should be clear on what is true and what isn’t. Otherwise, you are risking wasting time and energy on something that provides no return on your investment.


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