Ecommerce Digital Marketing Tips You Need to Know

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Updated on: January 5th, 2023Ken Braun4 min read
Ecommerce digital marketing tips

While offline retail is definitely not dying, e-commerce retail has most certainly been growing. Since 2010, e-commerce sales have almost tripled as a percentage of total sales. While that makes for a healthy market, it also means it is a very competitive one as well. As a top digital marketing firm, understanding the nuances needed for e-commerce businesses is important. That is why we wanted to share the e-commerce digital marketing tips you need to know. Information is power, and in this case, can also mean more profitability.

E-commerce Digital Marketing Tips

  • Utilize Reviews – Customer reviews are one of the most powerful marketing tools a business can have. The only exception is if your products or services are awful. But let’s be honest, if that was the case you likely are not reading this. Reviews offer two ways to benefit your business. The direct impact is their ability to increase trust and confidence in your business. Positive and real reviews act as social proof to other customers, support the ability of your products to meet their needs. The second benefit is providing additional information to potential customers. In some cases, prior customers will point out features or uses that you had not thought of promoting.
  • Use Good Pop-ups – There are good pop-up ads and bad ones. The difference between the two is simple; timing. Bad pop-ups are intrusive, often appearing too soon before a customer is engaged. A good pop-up acts as a reminder or provides an added incentive to help nudge a customer towards a purchase decision; but only after a reasonable time or action triggers the ad. For example, a well-timed “10% off your first purchase” ad can appear after a reasonable amount of time is spent on a product page. Free shipping, buy-one-get-one, or free gift ads also work well. When a customer is engaged, then provide the push.
  • Use Google – The behemoth of the internet can greatly aid e-commerce sites with their highly effective Google Shopping Campaigns. The beauty of a well-crafted campaign is that it puts ads in front of customers based on relevant query searches. It is a win-win-win situation for consumers, Google, and of course, your business. Take the time to learn about the specifics of campaigns, the different structures, as well as understanding product data feeds. This will increase the ROI from the get-go rather than splashing around aimlessly.
  • Sell on Instagram – Social media platforms aren’t just for building brand awareness or driving traffic to your website. With the excellent interface between Facebook and Instagram, it is relatively easy to sell products directly from Instagram. Rather than just liking a product picture, they can click directly through to a sales page. This creates more of a “one-touch” shopping experience. Removing steps in the buying process increase both customer satisfaction and the average speed of the transaction. Also, keep other social media platforms in mind as a sales platform. If your audience demographic uses Pinterest, selling there with Shoppable Pins makes sense as well.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that e-commerce has been on the rise for the past decade. This has created a larger, but also more contested battlefield. These e-commerce digital marketing tips you need to know are critical if you wish to stay competitive.

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Published on: September 17th, 2019
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Ecommerce Digital Marketing Tips You Need to Know
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