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What are the Best Ad Types for Smaller Businesses?

Marketing budgets for smaller businesses are usually “whatever is leftover”. This means fewer options when it comes to advertising, with value and price often being the deciding factors. The problem with that approach is potentially missing out on the most effective options, which could generate enough revenue to make the investment worthwhile. As a top digital marketing firm, we have a shortlist of the Best Ad types for smaller businesses.

There is one similarity between all these best ad types; there are all digital. Why focus on just digital? According to statistics, it is the smartest play for businesses of any size. There are almost 300 million people in the U.S. alone using the internet. Compared to other channels, it is more cost-effective to use digital ads when you consider the reach versus price. Plus, digital ads offer enormous flexibility as you can launch, remove, and update campaigns and ads quickly.

Those are all important reasons for any businesses, but especially smaller businesses. Reach, cost-effective, and flexible.

Best Ad Types for Smaller Businesses

  • Google Search Ads – I am sure some people are convinced that articles list Google products so often because there is a kickback or some perk. There isn’t. The simple fact is that Google makes some of the best tools in the industry and Google Search Ads is no exception. Their search ads are very straightforward. They appear in Google search results and you only pay when a viewer clicks on the ad. With their targeting ability, you are usually reaching people with a high degree of intent towards purchasing goods or services. However, they are a popular platform so it can get competitive for certain industries and keywords.
  • Facebook Ads – As one of the largest platforms on the internet, it makes logical sense to advertise on it. There are over two billion monthly active users, which means they visit the platform at least once per month. Even better, each user averages eight visits per day. Realistically that means you have some people visiting once a month and others visiting 50 times a day. Luckily, they have precise targeting thanks to all of the information in the profiles. Their ads are also relatively cheap.
  • Amazon Sponsored Products – Retailers should certainly consider using Amazon for advertising, as they are the largest store in the world. If your products are already on Amazon, this is an easy way to gain more attention. Sponsored product ads are based on keyword results from search queries. Therefore, your ads are going right in front of interested buyers. It is also a good way to boost brand recognition as a business name is put in front of millions of customers. Lastly, they are very cost-effective.
  • Google Shopping Ads – While lots of people start shopping on Amazon, a large segment also will use a Google search, which instantly results in Google Shopping Ads popping up in the search results. Ads can sometimes include reviews and other engaging information. A big bonus for this ad type is that leads are usually high quality as they have a better idea of what to expect from your site.
  • Google Maps PPC Ads – For small businesses with a physical location that needs live customers, Google Maps offers a good advertising option. Out of all the ad types, this is only useful for brick-and-mortar operations. When people search for products or services, your business can be featured at the top of the local results. Plus, with a link to your business page, they can easily learn more about you. Just make sure to have a complete business location page!

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that marketing has always been a pretty tough industry and smaller businesses have faced an uphill battle compared to their larger counterparts with bigger budgets. The rise of the digital landscape has helped balance the playing field a bit. Making use of the best ad types for small businesses, along with following best practices, can allow the little guy to get some of those customers back from big business.


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